Day 35. Two’s Company

I’ve recently started following The Misfortune of Knowing, on WordPress.  The first time I visited the blog I discovered, while reading the ‘about’ page, that the woman who writes it has young twin daughters (3 kids in all, though).  In fact, she has a picture of them on the blog, as well.  Adorable, identical red heads.  I commented that my mother was an identical twin, and that she and my aunt had the kind of relationship you couldn’t really understand unless you were a twin, yourself.  They were that close.  Two peas in a pod.

The author responded, and told me that her girls were so close, they had to be separated in pre-school because they only played with each other.  That was exactly the way my mother and aunt were.  My mother told me, that when they were very young children, they shared a bedroom.  But instead of sleeping in their own beds, they’d share one, and always fell asleep holding hands.

In those days, they didn’t separate twins in school.  Of course, twins were much more of a rarity back then.  But my mother and aunt always got the exact same marks on exams.  They’d get the same wrong answers and the same right ones.  So their teachers were convinced Continue reading