Day 49. Pink Poison

I’m not a big sweet eater.  My mother couldn’t get enough.  She had chocolate bars stashed everywhere.  But not me.  Even as a child I preferred olives and spicy food to chocolate, cake and candy.

And I still do.  Except when it comes to tea and coffee.  To sweeten my tea I prefer honey.  For coffee it’s Sweet ‘n Low (pink packets).  Yes, I know it’s bad for me.

Or at least it’s purported to be.  I say that, because Sweet ‘n Low is made primarily from granulated saccharin; and in the early seventies there were studies done that showed that lab rats who were given saccharin, got cancer.

Because of this study, saccharin was banned in Canada, where I live.  And here, Sweet ‘n Low is made with sodium cyclamate instead.  But now Canada is Continue reading