Day 50. Getting Chilly

Can’t deny it any longer.  There has been a pretty dramatic change in the temperature.  And it is damn cold out there.  After a summer of mid- thirty degree weather (mid-nineties) practically everyday, I am getting up every morning now, to temperatures that hover around the 8 degree (48) mark.  And it’s not been getting much past 12 (56), even at midday.

So like it or not, it’s time to put the summer clothes away.  No more sandals.  No more bare legs.  No more lightweight, summer dresses.  No more jeans and T-shirts.  No more cropped pants.  No more straw hats and canvas summer bags.

I finally had to give in the other day, and grab a shawl to wrap up in.  I love this shawl, actually.  It’s black, fringed, and queen-sized bed, size.  It’s a blanket and an evening wrap.  Doubled it’s really, really warm.  If I leave it as is, it’s so big I can wrap myself up in it, like a cocoon.  It works over coats and jackets, or just with jeans and a sweater.  I am enjoying it, I must say.

I’ve been a bit slow to give up on my summer footwear, though.  I hate having my feet encased in shoes, with socks.  But yesterday, when I went out, my feet and legs were freezing cold.  Stupid and unnecessary.  Perfect weather for some of my unlined, lightweight, Fall boots.  Perfect for worn out, old cowboy boots.

Why I’m so resistant, I don’t know.  I have some really lovely sweaters, that I truly enjoy wearing.  Soft, cozy and comforting, they gently envelop you in warmth, instantly making you feel good.  When I was in India I bought enough pashminas to open a boutique.  I have every size, every colour and every pattern you can think of; and every time I toss one around my shoulders, I remember where I was when I bought it, and who I was with, and the wonderful time I was having.  There’s a story in every one.

And who can ignore the fact that Fall is such a great time to go for nice, long walks?  Unlike the kind of summer we’ve just had, now you can walk for hours, without getting all hot and sticky.

All the comfort food is good, too.  Chicken pot pie, full of fresh peas, and good-sized chunks of chicken, carrots, celery and potatoes.  My mother made the most delicious chicken pot pie I’ve ever eaten.  I have turned my place upside down, looking for the recipe, and I still haven’t found it.  She made her own pastry and everything.  It took hours to make, but was it ever good!

I love shepherd’s pie, too.  And hearty, home-made bolognese, over linguine or spaghetti.  Thick, rich stews, laced with beer and laden with carrots, parsnips and potatoes.  Roasts.  And root vegetables.  Soups, thickened with barley and rice.  God, I’m making myself hungry!

What’s nicer than sipping from a huge, steaming mug of tea, while you’re reading a good book, cuddled on the couch, covered in a throw, with some of your favourite music playing softly in the background, and a cat or two curled up beside you?  Taking the odd cat nap.  You and the cats. While a big pot of soup simmers away gently, on the stove.  And the scent of freshly-baked bread is so tempting, it takes all of your self control to wait for dinner.

Mmmmmm …

I don’t know about you, but I think I’m over summer.

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