Day 58. Daydreaming’s Good

Most people would never admit that they daydream.  We believe we have to always be productive.  So we’re afraid that if we tell people that we daydream, they’ll think less of us.  They’ll think we’re silly.  Immature.  Lazy and unfocussed.  That we’re time-wasters. Procrastinators.  That we never get anything done.

But I read in a New Yorker article that psychologists and neuroscientists believe that “mind-wandering is an essential cognitive tool.  That a daydream is like a fountain spurting, spilling strange new thoughts into the stream of consciousness.  And that these spurts are surprisingly useful.”

A WebMD feature I found, said that “daydreaming can be beneficial in many ways and can, actually, boost productivity.  It can also boost creativity.”

So I feel vindicated.  Because I daydream all the time.  I’ve been doing it since I was a child.  I do it every day.  It helps me relax.  It clears my head.  It’s liberating.  It’s fun.  I imagine all kinds of scenarios.  Some are about my writing, others about my career, in advertising.  Some are about professions I’ve never given a moment’s thought to.

Still others are about how I feel.  How I’d look as a brunette.  If I was Italian, or American Continue reading