I suppose it was inevitable.  Given my negative technology ions, and all.  But why now?  Today?  This late in the day?  After all that work?  After all that polishing?  Why, why, why????

What am I blathering about?

Well, to put it very mildly, I’m not having a very happy WordPress day!  I have been working on today’s blog post since 7:30 this morning.  That’s right, I’ve been working on it ALL morning.  I saved it a few times, no problem.  Ha!!  Or so I’d thought.

And then, at precisely 11:51 a.m. I saved it again.  So I could preview it, before adding a couple of last thoughts, making a few more edits and publishing it.

So what happened?

The usual.  I clicked on “Save Draft”.  It started to save.  And then, suddenly, it stopped behaving like it always does.  Make that ‘did’.  The screen went blank.  And then a login screen appeared.  In the middle of saving my story, I had to login again.  I had a really bad feeling.  My stomach clenched.  My palms twitched.  My skin got clammy.  My heart skipped a couple of beats.

Nausea overcame me.  My head started to pound.  Every swear word I’ve ever known, instantly came to mind.  I groaned out loud.  I moaned out Continue reading