Day 74. New Day

Yep, there’s no denying it.  My morning yesterday was a pisser.  But, as you know if you follow me, I got past it.  Wrote and posted a new blog. And then got on with my day.  Did some client work.  Got some personal chores done.  By about three in the afternoon, I’d almost forgotten about you know what.

And that’s when it happened.  My iPhone stopped working.  Just like that.  It was fine, one minute; and unusable the next.  Screen went black.  On/off switch didn’t work.  No response, no matter which button I touched.  Considering the start to my day, I had to laugh.  I was about to go to the Apple Store when I realized that my telephone service provider has a shop, right around the corner from where I was.

The sales guy couldn’t have been nicer.  He plugged it into something (no, my battery did not need charging, I’m not that much of a loser).  Hmmm’d a bit, while I held my breath.  After about five minutes he said that nothing was wrong with it.  And sure enough, when he handed it back to me, it was fine.  No, he did not know what happened, or why.  Just one of those weird occurrences, that seem to happen to me.  On a regular basis.  Sometimes, too regular.  A test, perhaps.  You know, to check my coping mechanism or something.

So right then and there, it hit me.  I knew exactly what I had to do.  It was time to exorcise those evil demons.  To take control. To show them who’s the boss.  To let them know they won’t get the better of me.  To rid myself of  all negative thought.  “What?  Me?  Bad technology karma?  Nah!”  A lobotomy, while potentially effective, was out of the question.  It seemed so extreme.  Instead I opted for something less invasive, less painful.  Pleasant, in fact.  Easy.  Fun.  And a very worthwhile exercise, as it turned out.

I decided to think only happy thoughts.  Beautiful thoughts.  Serene thoughts.  Positive thoughts.

  1. Being alive.
  2. Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream.
  3. The sound of my cats, purring.
  4. Smiles.
  5. Sunshine.
  6. Fluffy white clouds, in a bright blue sky.
  7. Health.
  8. Laughter.
  9. Friendship.
  10. Freedom.
  11. Resolve.
  12. Falling in love.
  13. Romantic men.
  14. Wind chimes tinkling in the breeze.
  15. Walking on a deserted beach.
  16. Warm sand between your toes.
  17. Sunrises.
  18. Sunsets.
  19. Moonlight.
  20. Candlelight.
  21. A star-filled sky.
  22. Silence.
  23. Swimming in the rain.
  24. Listening to the rain.
  25. Watching the rain, from a screened-in porch.
  26. Afternoon naps.
  27. Breakfast in bed.
  28. S’mores.
  29. Sunflowers.
  30. Second chances.
  31. Solutions.
  32. Trying.
  33. Peace.
  34. Inner peace.
  35. Inner strength.
  36. Happiness.
  37. Contentment.
  38. Fulfillment.
  39. Being satisfied.
  40. Rainbows.
  41. Fresh starts.

Which brings me right back to where I began.  With a new day.  May yours, and mine, be all good.  It’s up to us, you know.

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