Day 79. Just Resting

My least favourite time of the year is fast approaching.  November.  Actually from now until it snows and everything looks pretty again.  At least until the snow turns grey and slushy.  Dirty looking.  And then that’s a whole other kind of ugly.

The signs and signals are there.  Trees are really starting to lose their leaves; and whereas in the summer branches are almost totally hidden by foliage, now it’s the opposite.  Now it’s the branches we can see clearly, while the leaves that are left are just sprinkled here and there.  Drifting to the ground, as we watch. Some in slow motion.  Others, in the blink of an eye.  Floating.  Fluttering.  Twisting.  Turning.  Twirling. Being carried by the wind.  Lifted.  Lowered.  Landing.  Somewhere.  And on an on it goes, until none are left.

Small trees are already completely bare.

And just the other day I noticed that most roads, sidewalks and lawns are already covered with leaves.  On rainy days, like yesterday, they’re hazardous, because they become very slippery when they’re wet.  Any day now, they’ll be stuck to the windshields of cars that are left outside over night. And again, when they’re wet, they’re hell to get off the glass.

Why is it that they always stick to the windshield wipers?  They hide in that little groove where the wipers stay, until you use them.  Sometimes you can’t see them there.  And then, there they are, as soon as you turn Continue reading