Day 84. Junk Drawers

I had brunch, yesterday, with a friend’s daughter, and her boyfriend.  Because the weather was so miserable (cold, windy, rain), I promised myself that I would attack my junk drawer when I got home.

Do you have one?  Of course you do.  Doesn’t everyone?  You know the one I mean.  It’s where you dump all those ‘its-and-bits’, the ‘odds-and-sods’ you think you should hang on to.  You don’t know what else to do with them, or where else to put them, so you shove them into the junk drawer.  Until you can no longer open or close it, because it’s too full of, well, junk.

And then you wait for a miserable day to attack it.  Well, yesterday was my day.

My junk drawer is located in one of my bedside tables.  I started by taking out each item one by one.  That was a total drag, so I just dumped the whole thing over on to my bed.  This is just some of it.

For the most part, it was a treasure trove of useless ‘stuff’, I should have disposed of, at the time.  Instead of ever putting it into the drawer.  A packet of stale mints.  Some extremely unremarkable ribbon, I’d obviously removed from a gift and thought I’d save.  For what purpose I don’t know, because how likely is it that I’d ever need just that much ribbon?  Bank deposit slips from years ago.  Tiny little baggies of extra buttons that are always attached to new purchases.  Damned if I can remember which articles of my clothing they go with, though.

Tiny little baggies of yarn that are often attached to new sweaters, in case you ever need to make repairs.  Have you ever used them?  I didn’t think so.  Neither have I.  But I always save them.  And I can never match them up with the right sweater, anyway.  So even if I did need them, I wouldn’t be able to find the one I needed.

What else was in there?

Notes I’d written to myself.  You know, reminding myself to do things.  Why the heck would I keep them?  Either I completed the tasks or I didn’t.  If I had, then the notes are useless, unnecessary.  If I hadn’t, well, I ignored them the first time, so what are the chances that I’d get around to dealing with those chores now?  Receipts for items long gone.  Not business receipts.  I have an envelope for those; and every year, at tax time, I diligently go through it, to see what I can claim as a business expense.

Anything worth keeping?  Yes, a few things.  Jewelry.  Although a junk drawer isn’t necessarily the best place for it.  Especially when I have the proper storage.  A pumice for my heels.  The bathroom is probably a better place for that.  A cat grooming tool.  I’ve been looking all over the place for it.  Bartlett beware!  We’ll be attacking those mats in your fur shortly.  A shoe horn.  Pens.  A writer can’t have enough pens.  Pity these are out of ink.

Hand cream.  Out of sight, out of mind.  No wonder my skin is feeling a bit tight.  Nail hardener.  Note to self. If it wasn’t hidden away, if it was out where I could see it, maybe I’d use it everyday.  And then maybe my nails would stop breaking.  Business cards.  No, not mine.  These belong to people I’ve met over the years.  I either want to keep in touch with them, or not.  So they should either be added to my ‘contacts’ so I can find them when I need them, or tossed.

A baseball, signed by Roberto Clemente.  Definitely worth saving.  Or selling.  Wonder what it’s worth, actually.  He was a major star.  I should keep it protected so the signature doesn’t rub off or get faded.

And then, there was just a lot more of the same.

Only took me about an hour and a half to go through it all.  What a wonderful feeling it is, to know that drawer is now empty.  Pristine. Clean as a whistle.

How long do you think it will take me to fill it up again?

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