Day 86. Very Spooky

It’s a shame that for so many kids throughout North America, this year’s Halloween celebrations will probably pass largely unnoticed, due to Hurricane Sandy.  I always loved going out trick-or-treating.  It wasn’t even so much all the candy we got.  It was the preparations.  Deciding ‘who’ I wanted to be.  Deciding on a costume.  Buying all the candy for the kids who came to our house.  Carving our pumpkin (which none of us at my house were all that good at).  Toasting the pumpkin seeds.

And then, on the night, itself.  Rushing home from school.  The inevitable grumbling, because I was too excited to eat dinner, and my parents insisted.  And got their way. Finally, getting started.  My mother, helping with my make-up.  Getting dressed in my costume.  Again, disagreeing with the parents, who wanted me to wear a coat because it was cold; and me refusing because then my costume would be hidden.  Eventually compromising on sweaters, worn under the costume.

My parents would take turns.  My father would take me out first.  My mother would stay Continue reading