Day 91. Very Disturbing

Money really is the root of all evil.  Yesterday I read a most disturbing article that someone had posted on Facebook.  Even more so, because tomorrow Americans go to the polls to elect a President.  So today, I’m compelled to write about ethics (which, coincidentally, begins with an “E”).

I am including a link to the story I’m referring to, but essentially it’s about Mitt Romney who, it alleges, has violated the federal Ethics in Government Act by improperly concealing his multi-million dollar windfall from the auto industry bailout.  It seems that he and his wife made anywhere from $15.3  million to $111.5 million through their investments in a hedge fund, Elliott Management, which held a stake in the auto bailout recipient, Delphi Automotive.

If this is true, not only did Mitt Romney make a fortune from the misfortune of others, he failed to disclose his profits.  Which happens to be in contravention of the law that requires presidential candidates to disclose their personal finances.

According to the article, The United Auto Workers, the Service Employees International Union and other groups plan to file an ethics complaint against him. And apparently, they’re holding a press conference on the planned complaint at 2 p.m. this coming Thursday, in Toledo, Ohio.

To my mind, this issue begs a few questions:

  • What took the unions so long to act?  Isn’t two days before the election a bit late in the game?
  • What’s the point of having the press conference after the election?  What am I missing here?
  • Why hasn’t the press been all over this, already?
  • Why hasn’t President Obama been all over this, already?
  • Why hasn’t congress been all over this, already?  Regardless of your political leanings, shouldn’t everyone be offended and outraged by unethical behaviour?

But let’s forget this latest allegation, for a minute.

If my memory serves me correctly Mitt Romney has, since the very beginning, refused to disclose his full income.  If my memory serves me correctly it has been bandied about, since the very beginning, that he has money stashed in The Cayman Islands.  How is this not a problem??? How is it possible that a man can run for President of the United States, refuse to disclose his income, and get away with it?  How is it possible that a man can run for President of the United States and avoid paying taxes, by hiding money in tax-free havens?  And not have that bother anyone???

How’d he make it this far???

Why haven’t the American people jumped all over this?  Again, this is not about whether you are a Republican or a Democrat.  It is about honour.  And honesty.  And respecting laws, and your fellow Americans.  And unethical, versus ethical, behaviour.  Who could vote, in good conscience, for an individual who has demonstrated none of these traits.  How can it be that, according to the polls, this is a close race?  How can it even be a race?

I don’t care how disappointed some voters might be in Barack Obama.  How can Mitt Romney be a viable alternative?  If all this is true, he is dishonest.  A liar. Unethical.  Some President he’ll make.

Please, someone, tell me.  Why aren’t Americans outraged?  I’m Canadian and I’m outraged.

If ordinary citizens behaved the way Mitt Romney’s behaved, and continues to behave, they’d end up in jail.  While he, on the other hand, may very possibly end up in the White House!  Speaking strictly for myself, I’m concerned.


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