Day 93. Wish List

There’s one destination I never seem to talk about, but have always been interested in visiting.  The Galapagos Islands.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site, they’re a group of nineteen volcanic islands around the equator, in the Pacific Ocean, near Ecuador.  Home to both a national park (97.5% of the land area) and a biological marine reserve (27,000 square miles), the Galapagos are considered a living museum and a showcase of evolution.

What they’re famous for, is their vast number of native species, which were studied by the young naturalist, Charles Darwin, during the voyage of the Beagle.  And what he learned ultimately led to his theory of evolution, by natural selection.

The Galapagos were discovered in 1535, when the Spaniard, Fray Tomas de Berlanga, who was the fourth Bishop of Panama, sailed to Peru to settle a dispute and his ship drifted off course.  The islands first appeared on maps around 1570.  And the first English captain to Continue reading