Day 98. Salad Freak

I’m the first to admit it’s bizarre.  When it comes to cravings, most people want chocolate.  Or hot fudge sundaes.  Pizza.  Or Chinese food.  But how many people do you know, who crave salads?

Now you do.  Me.  Yep, I have cravings for lettuce.  I kid you not. I like it so much, I’m happy to eat a hunk of head lettuce, or a pile of romaine leaves with no dressing.  Nothing on it at all.  I can just snack on it, as it is.  Au natural.

Yes.  I know.  I am strange.

Several years ago we had a very severe black-out in Toronto.  It lasted a couple of days.  Most people were lining up at gas stations to make sure their cars had a full tank.  And they were also heading for bank machines, getting cash before there was none left. Continue reading