Day 106. Liar Liar

Well, seeing as how today’s “T”-day, this is my opportunity to rant about a subject that’s been on my mind for a long time, now.  Truth.  Or the lack of it.  Seems it’s in very short supply.  Truth be told (no pun intended) it feels like ever since Bill Clinton swore he’d “never had sex with that woman”, we’ve been going steadily down hill.

We’ve just come through a Presidential campaign that was not just ugly and filled with mud-slinging, from both sides, each of the candidates was guilty of throwing inaccurate facts around.  Of not being entirely truthful.  Shocking, really.

Will we ever know what really happened in Benghazi?  Or have we already heard so many lies, we’ll be incapable of recognizing the truth when we hear it.  If we ever do.

And Patraeus!  What are we supposed to make of that?  A distinguished former military officer, turned CIA Director cheats on his wife.  Lies to her, essentially.  And indirectly, because of who he is and what he does, he’s also guilty of lying to his colleagues, his superiors and the American people.  To the President of the United States.

He put national security at risk, for sex.  And to add insult to injury, his lover is also married, with a family.  More lies.

Now tell me something.  Do you really believe that nobody who saw them together every day, wasn’t putting one and one together?  And coming up with hanky panky.  Come on.  In the photographs I’ve seen of them, even when other people were around (including his wife), it was pretty obvious, from the way she looked at him, that Paula Broadwell was completely besotted.  That was definitely not the way a biographer, would be looking at her subject if nothing was going on.

Even his wife didn’t look at him that way.  So of it’s that obvious in the photographs, surely people in the room, people who were close to either one of them, noticed it as it was happening.  It was right out there.

So his affair couldn’t have been a surprise to everyone.  I’m betting there were a fair number of people keeping secrets.  Covering up.  Lying.  Then it gets even worse.  Another woman is implicated.  A veteran FBI agent.  And another General.  All caught in this web of lies.  And deceit.

Think it’s confined to Washington?

Absolutely not.  I can’t think of too many places right now where there’s no corruption.  No cover-ups.  No scoundrels.

Here in Ontario we’re right in the middle of a doozy:  In an effort to make sure that the Liberal party secured two seats in London, Ontario, power plants that were almost built were torn down so a new contract could be awarded, to rebuild useless plants in another part of the Province.  The cost to taxpayers?  $1.6 billion.

Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford’s fast becoming no stranger to the courtroom.  A local restaurateur is suing him for libel, to the tune of $6 million.  With absolutely no proof, whatsoever, our esteemed (not!) Mayor made very controversial comments about corruption regarding the restaurant’s lease.  This same Mayor is also awaiting a verdict concerning a possible conflict of interest regarding donations made during his election campaign.  His excuse for lying under oath is, and I quote:  “You don’t have to obey a law that is clearly unlawful”.  Which, by the way it isn’t.

This is a man who believes laws just don’t apply to him.  He’s been caught reading while driving.  Yes, that’s right.  He’s been caught reading while driving.  And he says he’ll do it again, because he’s a very busy man.  He essentially forced city workers to repair roads and do all kinds of maintenance to the street where his family business is, because they were having a party.  He denies all the allegations, despite the fact that the people involved have already said he did it.  There are records of meetings and memos and what have you, but he’s never stopped lying about it.

It is simply mind blowing!

What kind of an example are we setting for our children?  We’re saying it’s okay to do whatever you have to do, to say whatever you want to say, in order to get what you want.  Whatever that may be.  Honour?  What’s that?  Integrity?  What’s that?  Who needs it?  Who cares?

So first you cheat on an exam.  And then you cheat on your wife.  Or husband.  And then you betray your partners, or your country.  No biggie.   Look at all the important, influential, powerful men who have done it before you?  What terrible consequences have they suffered?  None.  Not really.  They’re all over the news one day, and it’s old news the next.  Then they write a book.  Make more money than they did in the first place.  And get on with their lives.

And the rest of us?  Well, we’re rapidly getting to the point where there won’t be anyone we can trust.

8 thoughts on “Day 106. Liar Liar

  1. In the political/military arena I think power often translates as a clear sense of entitlement. In every day life, we clearly place too much emphasis on instant gratification and too little on developing character. To be fair in my assessment, there are many wonderful people and organizations doing good things. I like to believe there are more good people than not. Good and thought provoking post, Fransi!

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