Day 113. What’s Next?

Seems like only yesterday that I started the whole alphabet thing, but it’s already over.  Twenty-six letters.  Twenty-six days.  Twenty-six blog posts.  And it’s done.  Went from A to Z.  Just like that!  Poof!

Who knew, when I first started to learn my A, B, C’s at my mother’s knee, all those years ago (never mind, how many), I’d end up going right back, at this tender age, to where I started.  To “A”.  I hope it’s been as much fun for you, as it has been for me.

Back then it led to learning how to read.  This time I did it as a lark.  It seemed like an interesting idea.  Gave me a ‘brief’ to work with.  A playground I had to play in.  And for any of you who follow me regularly, you know that when it comes to writing, there’s nothing I like better than the freedom of a tight brief.

So for a little over three weeks I knew every morning, when I got up, what I’d be writing about.  The next letter.  You’d be amazed to know what a relief that was.  To me that meant I didn’t have to come up with an ‘idea’.  Of course, I still did, because there were hundreds and hundreds of objects, names, feelings, emotions, places, people, memories and what have you, I could have written about for each letter.  But the big, over-arching idea was taken care of.  So that part of my brain could take a well-deserved break.

The rest was easy.  Some days I’d known for days what I’d be talking about, like yesterday’s post about one of my cats, Zazu.  I knew I’d be saving “Z” for her, when I first thought of the alphabet as the basis for a series of posts.  Same with the letters “D“, “I“, “J“, “M” and “O“.  I had those figured out early, as well.  Others, though, took some thinking time.  Digging.  Googling.

But, oh, what I learned in the process!  ‘Stuff’ I would never have learned if I hadn’t been committed to this crazy idea of mine.  ‘Stuff’ I would never have thought of looking for.  Why would you look for ‘abbozzo‘?  Or ‘xenodocheionology‘?  What would ever prompt a search on them?  So this hasn’t just been fun for me, or an exercise in writing, it’s been informative.  Educational.  Interesting.  A pretty unique experience, after all is said and done.

Wondering what I’ll do for an encore?  From here on in?  It would be perfectly reasonable if you were.  I do, after all, still have two hundred and fifty-two days to go, before I get to my year-full of posts.  Not that I’m counting, or anything.

Well the answer would be “no”.  I haven’t got a clue.  Which isn’t a bad thing.  Not at all.  It just means I’ll be winging it again.  Like I did when I began this blog; and continued to do until I thought of this.  I’m looking forward to the spontaneity.  To the momentary panic that sets in, when I get into bed, without a thought of what I’ll write, come morning.

That’s my adrenalin rush, actually.  Starting on empty.  Wondering.  Pondering.  Thinking.  Searching.  Seeking.  Waiting for that ‘eureka’ moment to hit.  Mulling it over in my mind.  Trying a few scenarios, a few sentences out mentally.  And then, getting a coffee.  Turning the computer on.  Flexing my fingers over the keyboard, like a pianist does just before starting to play.

Coming up with the title.  Typing that in.  And I’m off!

Just as if someone fired a pistol and started a horse race.  And then I’m lost.  In the words.  In the story.

Yep, I am definitely looking forward to playing it by ear again.  Truth be told, I do have a couple of thoughts percolating.  But let’s be clear.  I’m sure I’ll miss the alphabet at times.  In fact I know I will.  Down the road, I may even re-visit it again.  If I can come up with a new twist on it.  But for now …

I like not having a clue what tomorrow will bring.  Stay tuned.  Hope you come along for the ride.

10 thoughts on “Day 113. What’s Next?

  1. I’m in for the long run, Fransi. I so enjoy your writing! I started to worry today when your post didn’t show up in my WordPress reader! I rushed over to your site and breathed a big sigh of relief! haha

    • Thank you! Sometimes their technology goes wonky. Thanks for keeping an eye on me. In Thursday’s post I am referencing your blog and your post on education. I am also linking to it. Sshhh … It’s a surprise 🙂

      • Wow, I am honored! I’m also doing a follow up post (will post later today) based on the IDEO concept you shared with me. Thanks so much…you made my day!

      • Well, I really enjoy your blog and it was a great post! I am also talking about IDEO. They should pay us both a commission!!

      • Too funny that you too are writing about IDEO and yes, I agree about the commission! Look forward to your post! Also, just fyi, I noticed that in your post today you have worked for BBDO. By any chance does the name, Jim Cannon ring a bell? He’s Vice Chairman, Chief Financial Officer, BBDO Worldwide (Manhattan office). I only know of him because he serves on the board of directors for a company I used to work for (in Biotech). Have to say it…it’s a small world!

      • No, I don’t know him. Looking forward to your post as well. Oh, it is a really small world. Six degrees …

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