Day 119. Prying Eyes?

Here’s a dichotomy for you.  Or then again, maybe I’m just imagining it.  Or simply being neurotic.  Paranoid.  Or just plain crazy.  Let me know what you think.  I’ve been blogging for quite a few spyingyears now.  And one of the aspects I really enjoy is reading, and responding, to the comments fellow bloggers make.  Comments left on my own posts, and on other blogs I follow.

I love reading all the individual points of view.  The different perspectives.  Often times, conversations go back and forth for a while; and they’re really interesting to follow or, even, participate in (on Facebook as well).  We’re actually developing ‘friendships’, of sorts.

And I am always amazed that so many take the time to read the posts of others; and also share their opinions, offer words of encouragement and even recommend the blogs they enjoy to their followers.  It is a very interesting, interested and generous community we are part of.  And very civil.  At least here on WordPress.

So what’s my problem?

Hey, I never said there was a problem.  Just that I’m wondering if there could be two sides to this coin.  Different Continue reading