Day 120. I’m Afeared

Yup.  I’m afeared, all right.  And all you cat lovers out there will know exactly what I’m talking about.  We know that, of all the animals, cats are the most misunderstood creatures.  They do angrycatlike people.  And they are affectionate.  Just on their terms, is all.  But there is one thing you never do to a cat.  Never.  Ever.  Come on, I know you know what it is.  Work with me, here.

That is correct.

You do not, I repeat, you do not mess with their litter.  This is not negotiable.  You hear me?  You do not mess with their litter.  Or their litter boxes, by the way.  They take all matters concerning their ‘toilette’ very seriously.  As I found out the hard way, not all that long ago.

My intentions were honourable.  I was walking through a very upscale shopping mall near where I live.  Amidst all the designer boutiques, there is a pet store.  Yes, a designer pet store.  You would not believe the stuff they have in there.  As you can imagine, they cater mostly to dogs.  But over the years they have added some items, for those of us who fancy felines as companions.

In the window, next to a pet-sized, ruby-hued, tufted, velvet chaise, were the most fabulous litter boxes.  They were Continue reading