Day 145. Oh My …

Apologies.  I’m at risk of repeating myself.  But there comes a point when even writers run out of words.  As challenging as 2012 has been for all of us, it has also Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpegbeen an exciting one, for me.  And I hope, for you, as well.

After years of writing various blogs on WordPress (I think it’s four), and trying different ‘subjects’,  ideas and voices, I’m finally ‘home’.  What I’m doing here, on 365, really works for me.  I love getting up every morning and writing this blog.  In fact, I can’t wait to get up every morning and get started.  It makes me happy.  It satisfies me.  And the best part is, you seem to like it, too.

You tell me every time you visit.  Every time you return.  Every time you ‘like’.  Every time you comment.

Seeing my ‘views’ increase all the time, watching my number of ‘followers’ grow and grow and grow is an absolute thrill.  Realizing, whenever I look at the map, just how far-reaching my blog is, absolutely amazes me. The response I got after being Freshly Pressed was ‘off the charts’.  An indescribable feeling.

As if all this isn’t beyond fabulous, a number of you have thought enough of what I’m writing, to give me several Continue reading