Day 146. Bye Bye

Don’t know about you, but I’m ready.  I’ve seen quite a few of them come and go in my time.  Sometimes I’m kinda sorry when the 31st comes along.  When it’s been awaving good year; and I wish we could hang on to it, just a bit longer.

But this year.  Ta Ta.  Vamoose.  So long.  Scram.  Ciao.

Not that it’s been awful for me.  It hasn’t.  It’s got nothing to do with ‘my’ world.  I’m talking about the world at large.  The one we all inhabit.  The idealist in me is disappointed.  And frustrated.

I’m ready to say good-bye.

To violence.  Unnecessary bloodshed.  Guns.  Knives.  Grenades.  Bombs.  The threat of nuclear weapons.  Dead bodies.  Young.  Old.  Rich.  Poor.  Lives cut short, for no reason.  In our neighbourhoods.  In nearby cities.  Across the country.  Around the world.  Fighting for what?  Accomplishing what?  Proving what?  Solving what?


I’m ready to say good-bye.

To news coverage.  24/7.  On the spot.  Embedded.  In tanks.  Shelters.  Thigh-high in water.  Hanging on for dear life, as gale-force winds threaten to blow them away.  At election headquarters.  Polling booths.  Rallies. Speeches.  Town halls.  Disasters.  Funerals.  Wakes.  Memorials.  Crashes.  Accidents.  Hospitals.  Waiting for details.  Grasping for facts.  Prying.   Intruding.  Questioning.  Debating.  Predicting.  Analyzing.  The same thing.  Over, and over, and over again.  Ad nauseum.  Reporting like they know something, when it’s too soon to know anything.

Enough already.

I’m ready to say good-bye.

To the debt.  The cliff.  The crisis.  Our crisis.  Their crisis.  Everybody’s crisis.  To anger.  Bull-headedness.  Stupidity.  Ignorance.  Pouting.  Posturing.  Foot-stamping.  Arm-crossing.  Digging in.  Not budging.  Obstinance.  Attitude.  Arrogance.  Nastiness.  Negligence.  Nonsense.  Childishness.  Carelessness.  Acrimony.  Pointing fingers.  Blaming others.  Favouring few.  Forsaking many.

Get. It. Done. Already.

I’m ready to say good-bye.

To melting glaciers.  Global warming.  Climate change.  Unhealthy ecosystems.  Illegal hunting.  Dying coral reefs.  Environmental dumping.  Water pollution.  Fossil fuels.   Nuclear Power.  Political power.  Greed.  Politics.  Lobbyists.  Protocols.

Face it.  It’s happening.

I’m ready to say good-bye.

To lousy schools.  Underpaid teachers.  Undervalued teachers.  Too few teachers.  Bad educations.  Ill-equipped students.  Uncertain futures.  Unhealthy food.  Unhealthy people.  Inequality.  No rights.  No choice.  No insurance.  No money for doctors.  No money for medicine.  Unreasonable wait times.  Not enough nurses.  Too many cutbacks.  No funding.  Risking lives.  Not all of them have to die.  Not all of them should die.  Killing people.

Do something.

I’m ready to say good-bye.


I’m not ready to give up.

I still have hope.   I hope this year, 2013, we will finally come to our senses.   I hope this year our politicians, heads of state and leaders will collectively acknowledge the mess we’re in.  The mess we created.  They created.  Commit to put differences aside.  Not just ‘say’ they’ll do it.

Do it!

There’s something we must do, as well.  Stop allowing the men and women we elect to cast us aside, as soon as they take office.  To forget what we wanted.  What we asked for.  We put them there.  We can get rid of them.  Bye Bye.  We have to let them know we can, and we will.  Ta Ta.  Let it be known.  Sign petitions.  Write letters.  Make phone calls.  Travel to our Capital cities.  Insist we get what we deserve.  What we voted for.  What they promised.  Or.  They won’t be back.

I’m ready to get involved.

Care to join me?

15 thoughts on “Day 146. Bye Bye

  1. I’m with you, Fransi. You so concisely put the crushing disappointments and grief of the last year. I’m ready for a new one. I’m ready for some successes and victories and lives saved. I’m ready to get something done!

    • I truly believe that if we ‘protest’ and use the power we have as citizens and voters, we can force positive change. Imagine if every citizen, in their own countries, signed a petition and sent it to their Head of State. The work that has to be done isn’t easy and there won’t be quick solutions. But until we put differences aside and put our heads together and resolve to get it done nothing will happen.

  2. This is great Fransi. Thank You, for perfectly articulating my heartfelt feelings, as well. I’m with you. I lay awake most nights, wondering what my 7-y/o daughter is going to be left with, in twenty years. And what she is going to think of me, when I’m gone. As in, what did I do to make the world a better place for her, and her generation. I’m so tired of hearing, generation after generation lament about, “Oh, look at the mess we are leaving to our children.” My thoughts have always been, WHY do we have to leave it to them?! I’d rather clean it up!

  3. The pen IS mightier than the sword – where ever we live let us write to our politicians and let them know how we feel – voilence on the streets is not the solution – agreed?

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