Day 150. Party’s Over

What was it like in your house yesterday? Although not everyone was lucky enough to have a week off for Christmas, most of the people I know, did. Kids were back to schoolhome from school. Parents off work. No alarm clocks. Everyone staying up later than usual. Sleeping in later than usual. Playing with friends. Sleepovers during the week, not just weekends.

Visiting with family. Cooking up a storm. Baking. Sitting down to meals, instead of eating on the fly. Catching up on chores. Catching up on reading. Going to movies. Afternoon naps. Manicures. Pedicures. Hair cuts. Grooming pets. Traveling.

Skiing. Skating. And, depending on where you were, golfing. Playing tennis. Swimming. Or doing absolutely nothing at all.

Ahhhhh … lovely. That’s the life! But as the proverb states, “All good things must come to an end”.

And end it did. Yesterday. January 2, 2013. The day the world goes back to normal. Except for those lucky few, who are

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