Day 150. Party’s Over

What was it like in your house yesterday? Although not everyone was lucky enough to have a week off for Christmas, most of the people I know, did. Kids were back to schoolhome from school. Parents off work. No alarm clocks. Everyone staying up later than usual. Sleeping in later than usual. Playing with friends. Sleepovers during the week, not just weekends.

Visiting with family. Cooking up a storm. Baking. Sitting down to meals, instead of eating on the fly. Catching up on chores. Catching up on reading. Going to movies. Afternoon naps. Manicures. Pedicures. Hair cuts. Grooming pets. Traveling.

Skiing. Skating. And, depending on where you were, golfing. Playing tennis. Swimming. Or doing absolutely nothing at all.

Ahhhhh … lovely. That’s the life! But as the proverb states, “All good things must come to an end”.

And end it did. Yesterday. January 2, 2013. The day the world goes back to normal. Except for those lucky few, who are

not yet back from holidays.


So what was it like for you? Was it hard to wake up? Did you dawdle in bed too long? Did you forget to make the kids’ lunches last night? Was it a mad scramble to get them to school on time? Did they give you a hard time? Were they whining about wanting to stay home? Or are you one of the lucky ones?

Were your kids excited to go back? To see their friends. To see their teachers. To get back to math?!??! Yes, Virginia, there are kids who like school, and like their teachers (sigh). Maybe not yours. But they do exist. Somewhere. No, not just in the movies. No, not just in my dreams. In someone’s house.

Was your hubby in such a rush he told you to walk the dog? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Does he have any idea how pissed you are about that? Like you didn’t have enough to do. To worry about. Including getting yourself to the office. Foolish, foolish man. He has no idea, does he? But he will, won’t he? And what about you?

Suffering the post-holiday blues already?

Did you make your lunch? No time, right? Your hair? Standing on end? A royal mess? Unwashed? Make-up? No time, obviously. A smear of lipstick and a quick swipe of mascara? Is that a stain on your blouse? Probably. No time to do anything about it? Thought so. Is this sounding familiar? Let’s not discuss the unmade beds and the breakfast dishes in the sink.

“Never mind”, I said!

Your commute. What was that like? Traffic bad? Chaos? Or lighter than you expected? We all know it can go either way. I’m lucky. I work from home, so I don’t have a commute. Some days I don’t even bother to get dressed. I do brush my teeth and shower, you’ll be happy to know. Maybe you don’t give a damn. It’s okay, I can live with that. You don’t have to see me.

But even if I did (have a commute), I live downtown and can walk or take a subway. Thank God! I’ve done the commuting thing. Totally understand road rage.

My regular volunteer day is Tuesday, but the operating rooms were still only open for emergencies. So I had Tuesday off. Went yesterday, instead. I only had an eight-minute subway ride. Less crowded than usual. Happy days! So I got off to a good start.

How did you feel about going back to work? Relieved because staying home and being ‘Mrs. Mom’ is more exhausting? Not that excited, to be honest? Juggling all the balls you have to juggle, gets tiresome after a while. It is what it is, so you don’t really give it much thought? Just another day in the life of (insert name here). No time to think about it? No time to think about anything. Just get on with it.

For me, it makes no difference. Since freelancing, everyday is a work day. Or a holiday. The weekdays and weekends don’t feel any different to me. Same as holidays (unless I’m truly on vacation, out of town). When I’m crazy busy I work, regardless of the day or the time. When it’s quiet, I take full advantage and play hooky. Without any guilt, because I may have just come off a stint where I worked fourteen hours a day, for several days in a row. Including weekends. So having to go the hospital yesterday was no big deal for me.

A day, like any other.

Only difference was, it was much more quiet than usual. When I arrived, at 8 a.m., the hospital lobby was almost empty. Just some nurses and doctors getting coffee. The cafeteria was dead. Let me re-phrase that. “Dead” isn’t a great word to use, when discussing hospitals. There were just two people having breakfast. No one lined up at take-out.

Yesterday I worked in the Surgical Waiting Room. The list of surgeries was shorter than usual. And unlike most mornings, there were no family members of patients waiting for me. Most days I’m there (and I’m told it’s the same most of the time) we run out of chairs. Not yesterday. The room was never more than half-filled.

So I never experienced the usual craziness we all dread when we’re returning to work after time off. I’d prepared myself. I was ready. Loins girded, I walked through the front door, On my right foot, for those of you who read my story the other day. Shoulder’s back, I took a deep breath. Picked up a large coffee and a bottle of water. Only to have a quiet, uneventful (and dare I say almost boring) day. I pity the volunteer who’s on tomorrow, though. I’ll bet anything she will have one insanely busy day.

Looking forward to hearing about yours.

16 thoughts on “Day 150. Party’s Over

  1. Slow day! Clients are still on vacation…or digging out of their email. School is still out around here until Monday so traffic was very light. Took down the holiday decorations at work — funny how the take down is so short when it takes so long to put them up. Plenty of time to take a proper lunch break. A nice way to ease into 2013.

  2. I am totally with you on commuting… I don’t know how people can put up with that? Is living that far away from your job really worth the twice-daily hassle? I’m glad I work graveyard and have a short 10 minute drive to work!

    Oh, and there were holidays? I didn’t even notice! 😉

    • I think people live way out in the burbs because it’s much more affordable. Bigger houses, more land, for a fraction of the cost. Safer for kids. So the commute is the trade-off. City-living is very expensive. Yep, i didn’t get the feeling that you were lounging around this holiday season. But it did sound like you were still having a good tine. I did quite a bit of work myself.

  3. Sad and happy day this side of the pond Fransi, attended funeral of a neighbours brother passed over last Sunday suddenly – happy side was arrival of Son, Partner & Grandson catching up on Christmas happenings late night chat over bottle of wine.

    • Bitter and sweet. The story of our lives. That’s why it is so important to savour the good times, exactly as you’re doing. Hoping your 2013 has much more sweet than bitter.

      • Well, up until about a month ago I had 2 chapters left (first draft). Then I had 2 AHA moments. Now I want to re-write it. I am giving myself a minute to think that over. At the very least I will go through what I have done already and see what can stay, what should go and what has to be re-written.

        Whatever I do, the book will be published this year. I am determined! And I excited about those 2 breakthroughs. So I am anxious to get it done.

  4. Things were normal around here…no kids so no worries about rushing them off to school. Work was slow yesterday. The only busy part for me was getting called in on my day off this morning, as the girl who was supposed to work called in sick 😦

  5. ….I think maybe I can only start weeks on Mondays. I’ve missed two appointments, so far. Next week will be better….because it starts with a Monday….I’m so confused….what day is it? Is it another celebratory weekend? Oh, Geez….. I now know what junkies must go through….one party rolls into the next and the next….is it Monday, yet?

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