Day 154. Must Haves

Forgive me.  There seems to be a recurring theme here.  Hope you’re okay with it.  Just seems to be a lot to say on the subject.  When I first talked about cutting back on spending last Friday, Isweating had no idea I’d still be talking about a variation of the same topic four days later.  But here I am.

Yesterday the idea evolved from buying less, to living with less.  In less space.  With fewer possessions.  Even traveling lighter.  But it’s Morristown Memos, a fellow blogger, who’s the inspiration behind today’s post.  The comment she left, in response to a statement I’d made, was very honest.  I said I was ready to get rid of all but a few ‘possessions’ and go off somewhere and live a simple life.

I’m paraphrasing here, but she essentially said figuring out where to go is a challenge, because giving up some creature comforts she is used to, isn’t really an option. Continue reading