Day 156. Role Models

I’ve fallen behind in my reading. At the end of December one of my favourite bloggers, Book Peeps, posted about ‘heroines’. I just read it the other day, and I’m glad I herodid. After providing the definition of the word, she listed a few women she considered heroines; and then went on to post links to several books.

They’d been selected by Parul Sehgal, a New York Times Editor as her favourite literary heroines of 2012. Book Peeps also linked to an interesting article Sehgal wrote for NPR.

After thinking about it for a minute, I realized my list would include all the women Book Peeps mentioned: Amelia Earhart, Joan-of-Arc, Harriet Tubman, Anne Frank and Mother Theresa. To that list, I added a couple of my own. The first two women I thought of, were Helen Keller and Golda Meir.

What all these women accomplished in their lifetimes was ‘extraordinary’. Yet they were all ordinary citizens, from humble beginnings. All overcame incredible odds. All had strong convictions and were prepared to live, and die, by them. All put others ahead of themselves. All were courageous. Determined. Undaunted. Strong.

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