Day 164. “R” Word

It comes with the territory.  If you’re going to put yourself, your work out there, not everyone’s going to love it.  Not all the time.  It’s bound to happen, so the sooner we learn how to rejectiondeal with it, the better.


There.  I’ve said it.  And having suffered it, many times, I’ve got to tell you it’s not as horrible as you might think.  The pain is fleeting.  Really, it is.  And it leaves no lasting scars.  At least I don’t have any.

Maybe my skin is thicker than most.  In advertising, people don’t mince words.  There’s too much at stake.  And far too little time.

In my business there are dozens of people who get the chance to dump all over your work.  And trust me, they do. Not to be purposely hurtful.  Not to be nasty.  Not because they can.  Not most of the time, anyway.  Sure, there’s Continue reading