Day 165. No Siree

I had a meeting with a client yesterday afternoon.  There’s a Starbucks in the building, so I decided to pick up some coffee for us.  A couple of guys in line ahead of medon't know were discussing their weekend plans.  No, they weren’t talking about ‘chicks’.  Or other men, for that matter.  Or hockey.  Or basketball.  Or skiing.  Or booze.  Or partying.

Both were headed to Home Depot.  One was renovating his bathroom.  The other was finishing his basement.  Themselves.  Neither sounded like they were being forced to do it.  On the contrary, they seemed excited about it.

As I stood there and listened (okay eavesdropped) all I could think about is how absolutely useless I am.  Took me years to figure out the difference between pliers and a wrench.  Home Depot intimidates the hell out of me.  I swear I’d rather have root canal without an anaesthetic, than go there.

On the few occasions when I had no choice, I never did find what I was looking for.  I don’t know how many Continue reading