Day 168. Too Obsessed

Over the weekend I saw an interesting status update on Facebook.  Essentially it said, instead of trying to fix our flaws  we should embrace them, understand them OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand respect their liabilities.  Sally Hogshead, who posted it, is an author, speaker and founder of a company where leaders can learn how to use their personality strengths to add value.

She makes a very important point.

We are a society striving for perfection.  We want perfect noses.  Perfect bodies.  Perfect hair.  Perfect nails. Perfect mates.  Perfect marriages.  Perfect children.  Perfect homes.  Perfect gardens.  Perfect lives.

And our obsession with perfection doesn’t end there. We want to be perfect at everything we do.  Whether it’s how we do in school, how we do our jobs, how well we cook, how good we are at sports, how good we are at gardening, or playing the piano, or singing, or dancing, or doing our laundry.

Our flaws are a constant source of frustration and angst.  And we’ll stop at nothing to get rid of them.  Plastic Continue reading