Day 172. No Shit

Thought I’d share another one of those ‘thoughts’ from my friend’s email with you. From the other day. One was actually the subject of yesterday’s blog post. This one made me giggle; and brought more than a few images to mind. But humour aside, there is a valid pigeonlife lesson in it. Something well worth remembering:

“Accept the fact that some days you’re the pigeon, and some days you’re the statue.”

This is very true. And the sooner we accept it, get over it, deal with it, learn to live with it and move on the better. Otherwise life gets to be a real drag.

For some reason I seem to think I’m the statue more often. What about you?

Maybe it’s because those ‘events’ are more memorable. They’re usually more dramatic, that’s for sure. And very often they teach you something. Leave a lasting impression. And I’m not talking about the visible ‘stains’, either. Just want to clarify.

None of us is immune. None of us will get through life unscathed. We’re all bound to have both good and bad days. And frankly, life would be awfully boring, if every day was the same. If everything went exactly as we wanted it to go, all the time.

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