Day 189. Hot Stuff!

No, I am not talking about the Grammys.  Is it me, or was that the worst show ever?  I always look forward to the Grammys.  Of all the award shows, it’s usually thehose best ‘production’.  It’s certainly the one show where anything really can happen.  And often does.  It’s a very unpredictable crowd, which makes it fun to watch.  I also usually enjoy the music, or at least a fair bit of it.

And I’ll be honest, I like seeing just how outrageous everyone is.  Whether or not they’re coherent.  Just how blitzed they’ll be.  Their hair, their make-up, what they’re wearing.  Or, more to the point, how little they’re wearing.

It’s a freak show, but in a good way.  I mean, who will ever forget a few years ago, when Lady Gaga was carried in, in an egg?  There have been many memorable moments over the years.  But not this year.

What went wrong, I don’t know.  I’m sure the now famous CBS ‘memo’ had something to do with it.  Apparently everyone attending was asked to cover up, to not show ‘skin’ or ‘puffiness’ this year.  Give me a break!  After all these years the Grammys have been on the air, I find it difficult to believe anyone — from network bosses to sponsors to viewers — is expecting peter pan collars and pearls from this group.  Au contraire.

Most of them have so many tattoos they’d be completely covered up, if they were naked, for God sake!  And ‘puffiness’??  What the hell does that mean?  Portia De Rossi had so much collagen in her lips, she could have shared it with every woman in the room, and still had enough left over, for herself.  Is that the kind of puffiness they meant?

Does it refer to silicone?  The reference to puffiness.  Because if it does, I guess we should all assume Katy Perry didn’t get the memo.

With very few exceptions, the performances were awful.  The whole show was bland.  And I am angry at myself for watching until the bitter end.  Until 11:30.  I think I kept waiting for it to get better.  Good thing I didn’t hold my breath.

Did you notice that a lot of the ‘guests’ in the front row had drinks in their hands?  Jay Z had a snifter of what looked like brandy.  There were some champagne flutes and highball glasses around, as well.  That’s kind of unusual, don’t you think?  I’ve never seen that before.  Not that they didn’t deserve it.  It was bad enough sitting at home, in my living room, watching.  I can’t imagine how painful it must have been to be there.

Personally I don’t think alcohol is nearly strong enough to dull the pain.

If you watched, I’d love to know what you think.  Who knows.  Maybe I’m crazy.

So enough of the Grammys.  Let’s talk about the hot stuff I referenced earlier.  Well, to be honest, the Grammys did inspire the idea.  Well, actually it was Rihanna.  She’s from Barbados.  Years ago I had a boyfriend from Barbados.  He used to make this soup I used to call cleaning-out-the-fridge soup.  Because aside from chicken wings, every other ingredient is what you find rummaging around inside your fridge.  Stuff you either have to finally use, or throw  away.

Guess soup’s on my mind.  Because yesterday I wrote about my mother’s chicken soup.  Which I finally did cook, in case you’re wondering.  Totally hit the spot, too.

Unlike my mother’s soup, which was your quintessential Jewish mama’s comforting, healing, cure for everything, my ex’s soup could have blown the top of your head off.  That’s how spicy it is.  I love it.  But it is definitely not for wimps.  I’m going to share the recipe with you, just in case you’re either a glutton for punishment or, you don’t believe me when I tell you, it can start a five-alarm fire in your stomach.

Put a bunch of chicken wings (no tips) in a pot. No set number.  It depends on how hungry you are.  Add West Indian sweet potato (peeled and cut in chunks), regular sweet potato (peeled and cut in chunks) and regular white potatoes (also peeled and cut in chunks).  Add sliced celery, carrots and onions.  Have green beans in the fridge?  Cut them up and throw them in.  Have wax beans or asparagus or even corn on the cob?  Chop ’em up, cut the kernels off the cob and in they go, too.

Now for the seasoning.  Salt and pepper.  Ginger and thyme.  Garlic powder and onion powder.  And just dump in the curry powder.  More.  More.  Come on, I said it’s not for wimps.  More.  Make sure it’s West Indian curry powder.  There’s a difference.  Cover it all with water.  Bring it to a boil.  Then turn the heat down to medium low, cover the pot and let it simmer for an hour and a half or so.

Have a pitcher of cold water handy.  Have Gaviscon handy.  Have the local fire department phone number handy.  Have tissues to wipe the perspiration off your brow handy.  Say your prayers and enjoy.

And next year, do yourself a favour and forget the Grammys.

14 thoughts on “Day 189. Hot Stuff!

  1. Soup like that is yet another reason I miss Toronto. If I want to make that soup down here, I’d better start growing West Indian sweet potatoes! We couldn’t stomach the Grammys (we had hope too) and cleaned off the DVR again.

  2. I didn’t know all the performers on the Grammys. There was a day when I knew them all and sang every song with them. Why, sometimes I would dance with them too! I thought Kelly Clarkson did a good job but I didn’t watch the entire show. I was confused as to why regular TV actors were handing out awards. Did they run out of musicians? Maybe I missed the memo on that (or it was on the bottom of the puffiness memo — yeah, what is that?) I’ll pass on the Barbados soup. It sounds like a definite trip to the ER!

  3. I didn’t watch the grammys, we only have French tv or UK sky tv so it may not have even been on, who knows? 😀 And I never knew there were different types of sweet potatoes, now I’m going to have to look those up….

  4. I enjoyed the Grammys for the most part but agree that it was just stupid to impose a toned down dress code. I loved Bruno Mars’ performance tribute to Bob Marley with Sting and Bob Marley’s son, Ziggy. I also loved Alicia Keys performance of “Girl on Fire” with Adam Levine. Justin Timberlake and Carrie Underwood were excellent too along with “The Lumineers” and the “The Black Keys” performance with Dr. John & the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Also enjoyed Rihanna’s toned down performance. It’s kind of cool knowing that I can still relate to some of today’s vibes!

    A couple of performances I did not enjoy: Miranda Lambert’s performance with Dierks Bentley. Maybe the sound is compromised listening to it on a television, but the vocals of both performers and the instruments backing them sounded completely disconnected to me. I couldn’t wait for it to end. Frank Ocean who I’m not at all familiar with sang, “Forest Gump” and to me he sounded off key and weak vocally. I’m generally a fan of Elton John but not last night.

    My biggest disappointment – Prince presenting and NOT performing! I wish he would get back on stage.

    That soup sounds amazing but I must confess to being somewhat of a wimp and would probably cut back on the chile powder a bit. I love spicy food and curry flavored dishes but if something is described as fiery, it’s probably too much for me. I’ve never seen a West Indian Sweet Potato so I’m going right to Google after this.

    • I liked the same performances and didn’t like the same ones. I thought the Alice in Wonderland opening number was nonsensical. Didn’t work for me. Overall I was disappointed in the whole thing. A sanitized version of the grammys isn’t the same.

  5. I stopped watching the Grammys years ago. Most of the artists I don’t particularly care for or have ever heard of. I liked it better when the show wasn’t so over done.

  6. I enjoyed the Grammy Awards this year and particularly the absence, for the most part, of rappers grabbing their crotches. I like the Black Keys in their own cool weird way and Mumford and Sons. The Marley tribute was wonderful. I completely agree with BOOKPEEPS likes and dislikes and … yeah, Prince ONLY presenting??? Come on! Just made a shopping list for the soup, thanks!

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