Day 195. Performance Anxiety

So.  Now you know my secret.  Yeah.  The proverbial cat’s out of the bag.  Even the mere thought of having to stand up in front of a crowd, or a group, and speak used presentingto be enough to send me into a tizzy.  To freak me right out.  To give me a huge case of the jitters.  To ruin my day.

You know, because yesterday I wrote about the first time I gave a speech.  What a nightmare it was.

Well, it didn’t get better, I’m sorry to say.  Not for a while.

Let’s fast forward to when I moved to Toronto, in 1985.  To work for Ogilvy (ad agency).  And the first MAJOR client presentation I was in, after getting there.  I was working on American Express.  Major, in itself.  Cardmember benefits are a vitally important part of their business, or at least it was back then.  Don’t know about now.

It was important because their exclusive selection of benefits was a huge competitive advantage for them.  It was one of the reasons consumers wanted to carry the card.  The project I was working on, was the launch of four new benefits.

Very important.

Which, in itself, was enough to give me a heart burn.

We worked on it for several weeks.  It was tough to crack.  Tons of extremely late nights and weekends at the office.  Finally, we Continue reading