Day 201. Flawed Thinking

My post yesterday generated some very interesting comments.  Several people mentioned good news doesn’t sell papers.  Which is the reason why newspapers and no moneymagazines and news and current affairs shows, on both television and radio, are almost exclusively full of bad news.

The thinking being, when you scare people they listen.  And watch.  And read.  You get their attention.  You attract an audience.

At least that’s the conventional wisdom.  That’s what folks in the biz say.

Well, I’m here to tell you, I think they’re on crack.  Not those of you who read and commented on my blog yesterday.  You’re only repeating what you’ve heard and read.  I mean, the media honchos, who are drinking the Kool-Aid.   Hell, they’re not merely drinking the stuff.  They’re making it!  And forcing us to drink it.  Or at least they’re trying to make us drink it.

No Kool-Aid for me, thanks.  It’s never been on my list of favourite beverages. Continue reading