Day 202. So Unpredictable

I can’t believe how often the weatherman is goofing these days.  It’s like they hardly ever get it right.  At least in my neck of the woods.  Don’t know about yours, weather vaneobviously.  It is SO annoying.  Because I am NEVER wearing the right clothes.

When I have my umbrella, it doesn’t rain.  Even though rain was predicted.  When I go out without boots, it snows.  Even though it was supposed to be sunny and relatively mild.  Well, everything is relative.  Mild for winter.

When the temperature is supposed to be plus 6 Celsius (42.8 Fahrenheit) and I go out without a hat, I end up freezing to death.  Yesterday, the weather report I read said it was 1, but felt like minus 4.  So I wore a warm sweater, a cashmere scarf and a hat.  Plus a down-filled coat.  I was melting.  It was making me feel quite sick, Continue reading