Day 203. Blue Skies

Well, the skies have certainly cleared since I wrote yesterday’s blog post.  At least, the skies over my apartment.  Give me a minute and I’ll explain.  Regular readers ofsunshine award my blog know I’ve got a moratorium going on accepting awards, at the moment.  They know, because I mentioned it, the last time I blogged about an award I’d just received.

It was a decision I made for no other reason, than I felt I had been given more than my fair share.  And it was only fair, and right, to give a chance to some of the other equally worthy WordPress bloggers in our community.  Those who hadn’t, as yet, been recognized.  Or as recognized as I’ve been.

Today, however, I’m making an exception.

Yesterday, I wrote about my frustration with inaccurate weather forecasting.  And a fellow blogger, Pete, gave me the Sunshine Award.  While I know he was (and is) saying he enjoys my blog, what I love most is the ‘poetic justice’ between my Continue reading