Day 203. Blue Skies

Well, the skies have certainly cleared since I wrote yesterday’s blog post.  At least, the skies over my apartment.  Give me a minute and I’ll explain.  Regular readers ofsunshine award my blog know I’ve got a moratorium going on accepting awards, at the moment.  They know, because I mentioned it, the last time I blogged about an award I’d just received.

It was a decision I made for no other reason, than I felt I had been given more than my fair share.  And it was only fair, and right, to give a chance to some of the other equally worthy WordPress bloggers in our community.  Those who hadn’t, as yet, been recognized.  Or as recognized as I’ve been.

Today, however, I’m making an exception.

Yesterday, I wrote about my frustration with inaccurate weather forecasting.  And a fellow blogger, Pete, gave me the Sunshine Award.  While I know he was (and is) saying he enjoys my blog, what I love most is the ‘poetic justice’ between my subject matter and the name of this award.  Even he said to me he hoped I’d accept in the spirit in which it was intended.

Which I absolutely do.  Hence the exception.

So I am thrilled, humbled and honoured to accept this award, apologetically, in the name of all the weather people and meteorologists I maligned in yesterday’s blog post.

Before we go any further, though, a little about Pete.  He’s from Sheffield, England and writes short stories, flash fiction and some scripts.  These days, he’s mostly into crime fiction.  He’s another cat person so, really, need I say more?  Clearly he also has a keen sense of irony and a great sense of humour (which is why he nominated me), so what are you waiting for?  Go check out his blog, aptly named Pete Denton.

Next, a brief recap of my obligations as a recipient of the Sunshine Award:

  1. Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.  DONE.
  2. Answer 10 questions about yourself.  ALL IN GOOD TIME.  RULES COME FIRST.
  4. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.  WILL DO.
  5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you.  DONE.  TWICE, ACTUALLY.  SOMETIMES, MORE IS, WELL, MORE.

All righty, then.

Let’s move on to Q & A.  I think I’ve already answered these questions, or most of them, when I’ve accepted other awards.  But who cares.  Right?  These answers may very well differ.  The way I see it, it’s not a big deal.  I’m sure I feel very differently now, about a lot of things, then I did back then.  As well I should.  People evolve.  Or we should.

Besides, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.  Here goes:

  1. Favourite colour.  Black.  It’s my power colour.  Whenever I’m uncertain I wear it and suddenly I can conquer the world.
  2. Favourite animal.  Cats.  Do you think I’m going to mess with my two room mates?  Given how they punish me when I’m bad.
  3. Favourite number.  39.  It’s the age I will now be forever.
  4. Favourite non-alcoholic drink.  Surely you jest.  Well, let me think a minute.  A mixture.  Half orange juice, half cranberry juice.  
  5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter.  I’m on both.  Like them both, for different reasons.  How’s that for avoiding the answer?
  6. My passion.  Writing.  Although I do have a thing for men, as well.
  7. Prefer getting or giving presents.  Both.  I have also been known to buy myself presents.
  8. Favourite pattern.  Faded chintz.  On comfy old sofas and chairs.  In a beach house, preferably.  Where I’m a guest.  A frequent guest.
  9. Favourite day of the week.  Tuesday.  It’s the day I volunteer at a hospital.  Something I find extremely rewarding.
  10. Favourite flower.  Bougainvillea.  I love to see it cascading over walls and fences.  Of course I also love that it’s indigenous to tropical climates.  No snow!

Okay!  On to the fun stuff.  Recognizing others.

You do remember I talked about breaking rules, right?  It’s this section I was referring to.  Like Pete, who nominated me, my preference is to pass awards on to bloggers I’ve not given awards to before.  I say it time and time again, because I truly mean it.  There are scores of wonderful bloggers here, on WordPress, and I want as many of them as possible, to get a chance in the spotlight.

Now you’re wondering what my little speech has to do with breaking the rules.  It’s not the speech, it’s the number of bloggers I’m going to mention.  The rules state ten.  I am narrowing it down to three.  Life shouldn’t be about quantity.  It should be about quality.  And sometimes good things come in small packages.  So three it is:

  • Daryl (today I gave away), a former colleague of mine, recently started blogging.  Her idea is really unique.  In an attempt to rid herself of clutter, she’s committed to give something away every day, and blog about it.  What I love the most is, they’re not the big objects that take up the most space, or bags full of old clothes she’s tossing.  They are one-offs.  Small items that don’t really take up a lot of space.  Until you add up how many objects like this we all have.  And then you realize just how much space she’s creating in her home.  She’s totally inspired me, and I know she’ll inspire you.  Here’s a link.
  • If you want to know how one 25 year old  is turning every woman’s worst nightmare into an inspiring example of grace, optimism and hope, read Michelle’s blog (I’m 25 and my boobs are trying to kill me).  Recently, this beautiful young woman, in the prime of her life, with everything going for her, was diagnosed with breast cancer; and had a double mastectomy.  At 25.  Thanks to her own, indomitable spirit, her sense of humour and the loving support of her parents and her boyfriend, she refuses to let it get her down.  She refuses to let it get her, period.  Trust me, this is a must read.  Find it here.
  • You learn something every day.  My blog post on weather generated a fair number of comments.  The most surprising turned out to be from Bill (Evil Squirrel’s Nest), whose blog I really enjoy.  I expect you’re now wondering what he could possibly have said that would get this kind of reaction from me.  Well it turns out his major in college was meteorology.  Can you believe that?  So how could I not give him the Sunshine Award.  I mean, really!  Now don’t go jumping to conclusions.  It’s not the only reason.  It’s a damn good one, I admit, but he’s also getting it because I love his blog.  It’s a comic strip, featuring — well — come on now, look at the title of the blog.  Anyway, it’s charming, clever and very different from most of the blogs we see here.  So I think you should get yourself a bowl of your favourite nuts and click on this.

I do believe I have fulfilled all my obligations concerning this award.  Pete, thanks again.  Happy reading, everyone.  And remember this, always:

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”  Anthony J. D’Angelo

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    • Don’t waste it on me. Give it to someone who deserves the recognition and would be thrilled to get it. I do appreciate the sentiment, though. Thank you.

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