Post 212. Keep Smiling

Whew!  Yesterday was weird.  It was a glorious, mild, sunny day.  I was in the BEST mood!  I literally skipped out of my apartment.  Was still happy when I arrived atnewleaf the hospital for my day of volunteering.

And then, WHACK!!  One after another, every single person I encountered was cranky.  CRANKY.  Grumpy.  And rude.  Every single person.  Un-bloody-believeable!  I got snapped at.  Snarled at.  Had fingers pointed at me.  Waved under my nose.

“What do YOU want?”, I was asked.  “I have NO time for you”, I was told.  “Close the damn door, I’m cold!”.   And on it went.  Oh yes, this was just the beginning.  But there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Because I’ve turned over a new leaf.

No way I was going to allow those grumps to ruin my day.  To wipe the smile off my face.  No way. Continue reading