Day 213. Positive Outlook

It’s so interesting.  Yesterday I wrote about how I refused to let a bunch of cranky people ruin my day.  This morning I decided to read a magazine I found inserted in roseglassesthe newspaper the other day.  It’s one I’m familiar with, already.  It’s called Tonic and it’s all about living well.  As in living healthy.

They write about yoga and natural remedies, nutrition, fitness and all that good stuff.  That’s so good for us.  You know.

Anyway, don’t they have an article in there about the benefits of optimism.  Positive thinking.  I kid you not.  Talk about timing.  Bizarre, isn’t it?  Coming the day after I decided to ignore the nastiness around me, and keep a smile on my face; and in my heart.

Of course I read the story.

I’ve always been a positive person.  I really have always tried to see the bright side.  To believe everything works out in the end.  To believe everything happens (or doesn’t) for a reason.  While I’m aware there can be a downside, I never dwell on it.  I’m much more an upside kind of gal.

Not to the point where I delude myself.  I am a realist.  But real life doesn’t have to turn out badly.  I think I’m proof of that.  I’ve had a very good life.  Parents and extended family who loved me.  Great friends.  Romance.  Love.   Laughter.  Fun.  A terrific career.  I get to do what I love everyday.  I wake up everyday.  Doesn’t get much better than that.  So I’m more than satisfied.

Some people might say I’m naive.  I disagree.  I just prefer to see what’s right, instead of what’s wrong.

Of course, I have my blah moments.  We all do.  But I am happy to say, they’re few and far between, compared to my good moments.  So really, the article was preaching to the converted.

What I didn’t know, though, before I read it, is that “having a rosy outlook can add years to your life”.  Yeah, for real.  The author of the article, Judy Siblin-Librach, did her homework.  She learned The Mayo Clinic recently published a study whereby it was revealed that the secret to a long life might be something as simple as a sunny disposition.  Or as they wrote, “optimism is the belief that good things will happen to you and that negative events are just temporary setbacks to be overcome.”

She went on to say, “it has been the thinking for the last decade that optimism can actually increase your life span by 20%, and that not only do optimists live longer, but they enjoy a better quality of life.”  She also cited another study, from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, that shows that centenarians all share positive personality traits and a relaxed, friendly and cheerful persona that may be associated with longevity.

Who knew?

Well, we do, now.

So let’s make a pact.  Whenever we’re feeling down, or we think everyone’s out to get us, or the whole world’s against us, or the sky’s falling down we’ll make a list of all the positive things in our lives.  Everything that’s good.  Everything that brings a smile to our faces.  Everything we should be grateful for.

We’ll do it each and every time.  We’ll live long and happy lives.  And thirty, forty, even fifty years from now we’ll still be reading each others’ blogs.

I’m serious.

10 thoughts on “Day 213. Positive Outlook

  1. I’m in. Two nights ago I completely broke down to my husband. Something in my life has GOT to change. (Long story… leading to me being unable to function for the past 2 years) Then I read your post yesterday. Talk about timing! And now this one… Kat

  2. One thing I like about your sentiment is the last one about our reading each other’s blogs years from now. You said “blogs,” and not each other’s “Books” or “Best sellers.” How is THAT as an indication that you are truly satisfied with what you’re doing, and not with some fantasy success story.

    • Hmmm, that IS interesting. I am satisfied, although I AM writing a book. But for me it’s all writing, whether it’s ads, blogs, books or anything else. And it’s writing I love. Writing anything and everything.

  3. Live long and prosper, whistle while you work, Hi Ho, Hi Ho it’s off to work we go, Laugh and the world laughs with you – need I go on? & then there is the sunshine award to admire each time you log on, let’s start the call here to have grumpy deleted from the dictionary!!!

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