Day 215. Not Me

I’m working on a project with a former client.  When we were talking on the phone yesterday morning, her dog started to bark.  I asked her to send me some pictures NAMETAGSof him, which she did.  Very cute!  I may have to steal him.  I’ve told her already.  So I decided to send her some pictures of my cats.

It’s no secret.  Animal lovers are all a bit crazy.  Don’t look so surprised.  I’m not telling you something you don’t already know.

Okay.  So we exchanged pet photos.  Then she asked me how I picked their names.  It was an interesting question; and it got me thinking.

I have never liked my name.  Frances.  Yes, my legal name is Frances.  Ugh!  But everyone has always called me Fransi, although the spelling has changed.  Originally it was Francy.  Or was it Francie?  I can’t remember Continue reading