Day 222. Oh Shit!

Yeah, I’m having one of those.  Everything I touch.  Everything.  So I’m doing something unusual.  I’m writing tomorrow’s post today.  Don’t give yourself a tearsheadache trying to figure it out.  I’m doing it for me.  For my sanity.  For my mental health.  Consider it therapy.

I’m thinking if I get rid of it, now, I’ll feel better.

And by the time you read this, tomorrow, I’ll be fine.  Giggling.  Chirping merrily away.  Not even remembering today.  As if it never happened.

No, I’m not going to go into detail.  I’m not going to tell you what’s gotten me so riled up.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s irrelevant.  And it’s a bunch of stuff anyway.  Like I said before, everything I’ve touched so far today, has turned into doo doo.

What I am going to do, is put all my recently-discovered enlightenment to work.  In other words, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is.  I’m going to practice what I preach.  I’m going to get over it.  Put it behind me.  Rise above it.

G E T    O V E R    I T !

Just like that.

“How?”, you’re most likely asking.

Well, just before I turned my computer on, I threw a few punches into the air.  That felt pretty good.  Then I pounded my fists on the table for a minute.  I was a bit over zealous, though.  It hurt.  But physical pain can be cathartic, you know.  So it wasn’t totally in vain.  I tried to cry, but just couldn’t make it happen.  Which has given me new-found respect for all the actors who seem to have a tap behind their eyeballs.  A tap they can turn on and off at will.

All I got was terribly red in the face.

My frustration only mounted when my cats didn’t pay the slightest attention to me.  Well, Sundance was smirking a bit.  He didn’t think I noticed, but I did.  Bartlett is too kind to do such a thing.  But he didn’t come and cuddle either.  He knows from experience there are some things I just have to get out of my system.  In my own way.  In my own good time.

Besides, he was preoccupied with his own shit.  Plotting his escape route away from the cleaning lady, who was due to show up at any moment.

But some attention, some empathy, some sympathizing would have been nice.

Especially since, immediately after getting out of bed, still groggy and discombobulated, I tripped over one of their toys ( the cats’, not the cleaning lady’s.  She has no toys.)  Which resulted in my doing a complete body rotation while in mid air.

And it went downhill from there.

But I digress.  This is about enlightenment.  Blessings.  Gratitude.  Peace.  Joy.  Happiness.  Contentment.  Rising above.

Horse shit.  

(gasp)  NO, I did NOT say that!!  NO. NO. NO.

BAD, BAD, BAD Fransi.  BAD, BAD.

Time for the big guns, I think.  The heavy hitter.  The grand poobah.


Because we all know, the best way to rid yourself of life’s miseries and frustrations and petty annoyances is to turn the tables.  To change lanes.  To reverse.

To think GOOD thoughts.

So.  What’s good in my life?  What should I be thankful for?  What AM I thankful for?

Hmmmmm …

Let me think …

Ummmmmm …

  • I’ll go home to a CLEAN apartment.  All dusted and polished and fluffed and tidied.  And I didn’t have to do it!  
  • I didn’t break my neck when I practiced my gymnastic routine for the next Olympic games, courtesy of my feline friends.
  • The sun just came out.
  • It’s Friday.  Well it is now.  When you see this it will be Saturday.  Even better.
  • I did wake up this morning.  Sure beats the alternative.

This is really working.  I feel a helluva lot better, already.  I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead.  Don’t want to use up my entire ‘grateful for’ list in one fell swoop.  You never know when I’ll have to do this again.

Life being what it is, and all …

Thanks for listening.  Thanks for putting up with me.  Yeah, thanks.

How’s your day going?

27 thoughts on “Day 222. Oh Shit!

  1. I’m sorry to hear you had a bad day, I hope you’re feeling brighter now! Yesterday wasn’t good for me either, actually finishing off with a fire in my university building whilst I was in lectures, which 3 fire engines had to come and sort out.
    Sadly the fire fighters were too swaddled in their gear to even ogle. Oh well. Lets make today a better one! Ah well…keep happy. And I always find a cup of tea helps almost any situation. But that could be because I’m English.

    • Thanks! A fire! Holy cow! That could have turned out a lot worse than my day. Especially if there was no ogling :). Yes, some tea. Very soothing.

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