Day 235. Feels Deserted

I’m not used to this. Having absolutely nothing to do. Nowhere to go. No, no, no. Don’t feel sorry for me. Everyone’s in the same boat. At least they are, here, in closedToronto, where I live. It’s Good Friday. And everything is shut tight.

Banks are closed. So are liquor stores. So are all stores, for that matter. Big, small, mom and pop. Pretty sure lots of restaurants are, as well. We can still get a coffee and convenience stores are probably open. I haven’t checked.

Traffic will be non-existent. But since there’s nowhere to go, most people won’t get to take advantage of it. What a bummer for commuters who have to deal with monstrous traffic, all the time. Day in. Day out. Ugh!

Think about it. Wouldn’t you be pissed as hell, if you could finally get from ‘A’ to ‘B’ in record time, but nothing

would be open once you got there?

I suppose just to prove a point, you could hustle the wife and kids into the car and drive somewhere. But you’d have zilch to do, once you arrived. What’s the fun in that? You’d have to turn right around and go back to where you’d just come from. What a colossal waste of gas.

Of course the lack of traffic does benefit some. All those folks who provide essential services and, therefore, have to work, regardless. And drive to get there. Nurses and doctors, firefighters and police, emergency crews, ambulance drivers, paramedics. Good Friday’s just another day of the week to them.

Even pedestrian traffic will be dramatically reduced. It’s a bit too early right now, to tell. Most creatures are just starting to stir. But I’ll bet if I go for a walk, even in two or three hours, there’ll still be hardly any people out and about. What’s the point? Nothing’s open.

It feels a bit strange, I’ve got to tell you. I’m showered, dressed, ready to go. Where to? Beats me.

Perfect day for writing, you might think. I’m not in the mood, though. I write every day. I’d like a rest from writing today, truth be told. Which I certainly can do. Give myself the day off, from writing. To do what? Well, I could read. I could clean closets. I could re-organize drawers. I could clean out my filing cabinet. I could start going through my clothes, in preparation for the warmer weather.

Do I sound enthusiastic about any of it? Like these are projects I’ve just been dying to start.

No, I do not. And no, they are not. And while any one of them would be the perfect activity for today, it’s not going to happen. B O R I N G.

To be honest, nothing is turning my crank. I am totally uninspired. Very unusual, for me, I must say. You can’t see me, but I’m sitting her, staring into space, drumming my fingers on the table. I need perking up. Some coffee and a walk, I think.

With everyone laying low, at home, there’s no good people watching. That’s probably what’s frustrating me, the most. Observing always inspires me. Hotels. Now there’s an idea. They’re sure to be busy. Busier than everywhere else, at least. Get some friends together for brunch, or lunch.

Sorry, gotta go.

What are you doing today? Is everything shut tight where you live? What have you got planned?

26 thoughts on “Day 235. Feels Deserted

    • There will definitely be church-going on Sunday, but they’re zealots here about shutting everything down on Good Friday. There’s more open on Christmas. When I still lived in Montreal there was a French restaurant that used to stay open. But only their best customers knew. The front entrance was locked. You had to go up the back fire escape stairs. They kept all the lights off, and the place was just lit with candles. It was like going into a speakeasy. And they were always absolutely jam packed. The allure of the forbidden 🙂

      • Not sure, you know. Probably is. Toronto’s funny. Lots of contradictions here. Huge city, lots of money and power here, yet bars still close at 1 am ( and that’s fairly recent) and you can only buy booze in liquor control board stores. Very rigid, outdated laws.

  1. The funny part is everything is open here. It’s an anomaly that I have a day off. Most schools are closed, but not all. Most businesses are open, including my clients, but not banks. Or the post office, though it will be open tomorrow. But like all of my company holidays that keep the school/bank calendar, it’s a great day to have things done that requires someone to be at home. So at our house the electrician is coming, the sprinkler guy is coming, sod is getting delivered.

    • WOW! It will be like that here Easter Monday. Banks will still be closed, I think. But everything else will be open. But today will be like a ghost town here.

      • Blue laws, and the blue law mentality seem to have faded in the States, for better or worse people now shop. People even shop for churches here, and some churches now compete for meat in the seat like opposing carnival barkers on a midway to try to get you in. Then they try to put on the best most moving light filled head bowed teary eyed hands up emotionally manipulative show on earth.

        Aint it grand?

  2. For a long time, I used to feel guilty when I came to a day with nothing planned and proceeded not to do anything with it. To me, it was like being handed a blank canvas and not attempting to paint something on it. Although I knew I couldn’t force myself to be inspired, I always felt a lingering sense that the empty day was a gift, and that I needed to fill it with something — maybe because of the Western world’s demanding work ethic or the idea that everyone needs to be productive all the time. Lately, however, I’ve learned to accept the blank canvas of an empty day on its own terms and to enjoy it for the gift it really is — a chance to recharge, a chance to relax, a chance to get my bearings, a chance to simply be!

    • That is a great way to look at it. Maybe that’s a bit how I am feeling. There’s always something I’ve either got to do, want to do, or could be doing. So now that I’m here with not a lot that can be done, I don’t know what to make of it.

  3. On this side of the pond, prayer service at 15:00, fish dinner, pleasure in the less traffic, shops closed, minimum traffic, stations of the cross at 19:30 and a liquor free day/night party for the other 364 days.

  4. It’s a normal day here in France, as it will be tomorrow. Apart from lots of extra church things (bells ringing at odd times), the main celebration of Easter is on Sunday with family meals of lamb, and Monday is a holiday with everything closed.

    In Australia it’s a 4-day weekend for most, with some exceptions. Good friday means EVERYTHING is closed and people are ‘supposed’ to eat fish, no meat (so I always eat meat just because I can, haha). Even bars and hotels close on good friday. Then on Saturday, all the shops are open, and for food shopping it’s the busiest day of the year – everyone must think they are going to starve by Tuesday if they don’t buy everything on Saturday! Easter eggs get reduced late in the afternoon. Sunday and Monday everything is closed, and I think kids may even be getting Tuesday off school this year too – not sure how true that is yet.

    I prefer it here in France.

  5. Interesting since I’ve always heard of Toronto as being a very diverse city, yet things are shut airtight for a Catholic holiday? I’d have never figured that… then again, I never really knew Good Friday was that big of a deal anyway. The only reason we had it off in school is because, barring not having to use too many snow days, we always got the week before Easter off….

    The store I work at is open every day of the year but Christmas Day, and that may not even be the case in a few years. We’re becoming more of a 24/7/365 society down here in the US, and that’s actually something I support much to the chagrin of others. I despise holidays killing my regular routines… I know, I’m practically Scroogish! 🙂

    One more thing, it’s a shame gas is so expensive nowadays. MY family didn’t have much when I was growing up, and while we couldn’t go to Disneyland or even on a real vacation, my Dad would always entertain us by loading me and my sisters up in the truck/station wagon and just going for a drive, wherever. No particular place to go, and we loved it. That was a cheap entertainment alternative when gas was less than $1 a gallon….

    • It is diverse. Just uptight at the same time. And then liberal when it comes to issues like gay marriage. Toronto isn’t sure what it wants to be when it grows up. Yeah, the price of gas is completely outrageous. Agreed. And it’s killed good times for lots and lits of folks.

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