Day 236. One Day

Much as I love photography, and taking photos, I am here (at WordPress) to write. So I don’t often read the Weekly Photo Challenge on The Daily Post. But I did typewriteryesterday. The challenge was to capture a day in your life in photos.

One of the suggestions was to shoot once an hour, in order to give readers a real sense of how you spent your time. It was also suggested you include captions.

The author of the post went through the exercise, herself. And although this would probably be considered blasphemy coming from a writer, the photos told the story in a much more arresting, compelling and interesting way than words might have.

In truth, Sara had an ordinary day. But somehow, it seemed less so, simply by virtue of having been captured visually. It was dramatic, as opposed to a bunch of entries on a daily calendar. Or even a recitation of activities, starting with getting out of bed and ending with getting back into bed.

I’ve always said writers paint pictures with words. So I’ve decided to see if I can create as vivid a picture for you, of my day, as photographs would have done. Here goes:

Yesterday, as you know, was Good Friday. And I wrote about how it’s probably the only day of the year when Toronto literally closes up shop. Well, I heard the ‘stillness’ as soon as I woke up. So much so, my alarm seemed more shrill than usual. It really is an awful sound.

Once I managed to disarm the alarm, the ‘quiet’ could be felt. It was like a presence in my bedroom. It was as if all the people in the city had gone. I was the only one still here. And all the energy was also gone. That ‘crackle’ in the air was missing. No voices. No conversation. No laughter. No car engines. No brakes. No horns. No dogs barking.

Time to get up. But.

It was way too comfortable in my bed. My mattress hugged me in all the right places. My head was perfectly placed on my pillow. It, too, cradled my neck in exactly the right spots. No way I wanted to move. I procrastinated as long as I could. I had an appointment at 11.

My morning routine is pretty much the same, every day. Guess I’m more of a creature of habit than I thought.

Reluctantly got up. Cautiously opened my front door, to get the newspaper. Didn’t want the cats to take off into the hall. I’m never dressed properly to run after them. My blog comes next. Why I ever decided to post as early in the morning as I do, I will never know. But once a blogger has established a schedule, I think it’s important to stick with it. So people who follow you, know to expect it at a certain time.

Sundance and Bartlett (my cats) know my routine. As soon as I’ve closed the door, having retrieved the paper, Sundance charges over to the table and jumps up, waiting for me to join him and turn the computer on. He does it every, single morning. And he sits there, until I’m done. By my side. Bartlett, lays on exactly the same spot on the floor, on his back; and he talks to me. Every, single morning.

And the instant I shut down, they both disappear.

Their food comes next. Everyone thinks I’m crazy because they each have their own water bowls and food dishes. Maybe I am a bit odd, but I don’t think they should have to share. By now Sundance is screaming at me, from the bathroom. He is waiting, rather impatiently, for me to turn on the tap. He only drinks from the sink.

Considering how much I hate swallowing pills, I have no idea why I take so many vitamins. More than 10 different ones, every day. I have gotten it down to a fine art, though. I don’t have the patience to take them one at a time. I’ve learned how to manage 3 and 4 each time. You have to drink a lot of water.

For some reason I wasn’t hungry yet, so I showered and got dressed first. With all the uncertain weather we’ve been having, finding just the right clothes has been nothing short of a challenge. It felt quite warm in my apartment yesterday morning, and the weather channel confirmed it was relatively mild, so I didn’t layer. By the time I got done with that, and emptying litter boxes, I was ready for breakfast.

Originally I had planned on making a smoothie, but I was too short of time by then. So, instead, I opted for some chunks of cantaloup, pineapple, mango and blueberries with greek yoghurt and honey. And some granola sprinkled on top for crunch. I’m a big fan of crunch. It was really good. Delicious, actually.

Ah, yes, the appointment. I was going to see an apartment. A duplex, actually. Not that far from where I live. Maybe 10 blocks, give or take. It was a lovely walk. I took my time and admired the houses I passed along the way. I only had a leather jacket on, but I was quite warm. The sun is definitely getting stronger. Let’s hope it lasts and there are no more surprises in store for us.

Where I live, my neighbourhood, has some really beautiful, big, old houses. I love looking in the windows to see whatever I can see. Although, you see much more at night, when it’s dark. In yesterday morning’s bright sunlight, it was difficult. But still, it was nice to stop, briefly, here and there along the way, to admire the architecture. The porches, the shape of the windows, the leaded glass, the gorgeous, weathered front doors.

As I had suspected, the city was dead. In the 15 or 20 minute walk, I saw one jogger and one guy on a bike. And one car. Seriously, it was like the end of the world had come but, somehow, I never got the news. I didn’t know. And there I was, by myself. Just me. I’m someone who really feeds off energy, so it was too much for me. I can get into peace and quiet, but this had a dead quality I don’t like.

Unfortunately the duplex wasn’t for me. Turned out they’d had water problems, which explained the musty smell. No thanks.

Praying Starbucks was open, I headed back home. Really sorry, now, I’d worn that leather jacket. I was hot. But common sense prevailed and I didn’t take it off, tempted as I was. That would have been asking for trouble. It was only about 45 or 50 degrees. And I was wearing a very lightweight, short-sleeved T-shirt.

Before I knew it, I was at Starbucks. Hallelujah! It was open. Guess everyone else was as desperate for somewhere to go as I was, because it was standing room only in there. Never have I seen it so crowded. Never! And the line-up to get coffee went from the back all the way to the front door. No, I did not give up. I needed my morning jolt of caffeine too badly.

Besides, where else did I have to go? Everything else was closed. So I was not in any rush. By the time I got my grande Pike I was salivating. My hands were shaking. I couldn’t wait to get that first sip, that first taste. To feel the hot liquid travelling down my throat, down my oesophagus, and beyond.

Damn it was good. Well worth waiting for. And then I walked the few steps home. It was just noon. I’d packed a hell of a lot into half a day. At least a day’s worth, don’t you think?

So tell me. Does my morning seem less mundane than it really was? Is it somehow more colourful? As I’ve been writing, have you seen ‘pictures’? If I asked you to send me some visuals to accompany my words, could you?

Do you see it all clearly? Or should I send film at 11:00?

29 thoughts on “Day 236. One Day

    • Sundance is ginger. His fur reminds me of the colour of Robert Redford’s hair in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

      Bartlett is dark grey and white. He looks like he’s wearing a whote shirt and grey flannels and his facial markings make him look like a cartoon cat.

      Are you sore today from all your hard work yesterday? How’s the blister?

      • Thank you! I can see them now too.

        I’m not nearly as sore as I imagined I’d be. Went to bed early and it helped a lot. Blister is still there–doesn’t hurt a bit.

      • I had visions of you unable to get out of bed this morning. Glad to hear you’re ok. That was a helluva lot of work you did.

        Ages ago I wrote posts about Bartlett and Sundance, with photos of them. One day when you’re bored you can scroll back and back and back and I am sure you will eventually find them.

  1. Wonderful! No pictures necessary – I could see everything clearly with my mind’s eye. That’s the magic of words and their writers who, like yourself, have the ability to transform those words into pictures.

    • Thanks so much! It’s fun to play with words, isn’t it? Now that I’ve written it, I’m amusing myself looking for photos, just to see what I can come up with. Who knows?

  2. Oh how lovely – I saw all your pictures πŸ™‚ I loved the description of not wanting to get up. My bed hugs me that way every morning, its very hard! And walking down the deserted streets, in the sun? Sounds perfect to me – other people’s energy drains me (I’m an introvert) so days like that are a treasure πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! Glad you ‘saw’ and ‘felt’ it. The sun was glorious, even more so today. Hope your day was as lovely. But how could it not be, given where you are.

      • It’s not always perfect here (yeah, pretty close though, haha) – today was overcast most of the day with a strong wind. At least we planned for that and cycled out into the wind, then let it push us all the way home πŸ™‚ Tomorrow forecast to be lovely & sunny, spring parade will happen in our village, so I’d better get a post ready πŸ™‚

      • Today was spectacular here. Warm enough to go out with just a light sweater. Terraces were open, tops were down on cars, people were everywhere! A spring parade sounds like fun. Enjoy. Hope to see some photos. Or ‘see’ it through the pictures you’ll paint with words.

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    • Thanks so much. I’m not usually so ‘conscious’ of how I’m writing or what I’m saying as I was this time. It was an interesting experience; and a worthwhile exercise.

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