Day 247. Scary Moment

Did you hear me wailing yesterday morning?  Sorry if I disturbed you.  Or woke you up.  Didn’t realize how loud I was.  My trust in technology is iffy, even on a good. Terrified Woman Screamingday.  Same with my comfort level.

And for what seemed like a very long time but, was in fact, less then ten minutes, life was not looking good.  No, it was not.  It was looking like it was going to turn out to be a bad day.  A very bad day.

Got up, same as usual, and headed to my computer to write and post my blog.  It was just much earlier than I get up every other day, because I have to be at the hospital at 8:00 a.m.  Tuesday is my volunteer day.  Anyway, everything started out fine.  Turned it on and got started.  Headed straight for my dashboard.  A-ok.

Wrote my post.  Uploaded my image.  Saved my draft.  Comme d’habitude.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

Well, truth be told, I did get a warning just prior to my starting to write my blog.  I should have realized something was amiss.  But I paid it no heed.  Big mistake on my part.

Someone had left a comment on one of my blog posts overnight.  I always respond, so I figured I’d do that first.  My first attempt failed.  Got some message full of gibberish.  So I clicked off and then tried again.  Success.  I do remember, in passing, pausing for a millisecond to acknowledge this was very odd.

But that was it.

Probably because I was rushing to get to the hospital on time, I didn’t pay enough attention to the occurrence.  So I went about my business quickly.  Getting my blog written and posted.

As I already mentioned, I saved my final draft.  Gave it one quick re-read, to make sure there were no typos or bad grammar or those annoying auto corrects that just drive me OUT of mind!!!!!  It was all good.

So I hit ‘publish’.


“What the HELL is that”, I asked out loud.  Well, shrieked, really.  Muttering several expletives.  I’ll spare you the cuss words.  You can fill in the blanks, I am sure.  (potty mouth goes here).  As I stared, bug-eyed, at my computer screen.

Screen went totally white.  No sign of my blog post.  And a message I have NEVER seen before.  EVER.

“Your server is undergoing routine maintenance.  If you are posting a comment, or a blog, DO NOT HIT THE BACK BUTTON.  Do nothing for five minutes and then hit refresh.  Blah, Blah, Blah.”

I sat there stunned.  Frozen.  Frustrated.  Pissed off.  Angsting.  Okay, I was freaking out.  Wouldn’t you?

All right.  I know not being able to post a blog doesn’t mean the end of the world is coming.  But posting everyday is my ‘thing’.  It’s the whole point of this blog.  And none of you would know I was having technical difficulties.  You’d just all think I missed a day.  Played hooky.  Buggered off.  Fled the country.  Shirked my responsibilities.  Broke my promise.  Let you down.  Let myself down.  So “yes”, I was freaking out.

More so because I had no time to waste.  I had cats to feed.  Litter boxes to empty.  A shower to take.  I had to put on my make up and get dressed.  And I had to get to the hospital.  And I was rapidly running out of time.  Precious time.

Something had to give.  It was breakfast.  I’d pick something up at the cafeteria.  No worries.

Figuring out what was wrong was more important.  At least to me.

It was the longest five minutes I’ve ever had to wait.  Well, maybe not ever.  But you know what I mean, don’t you?  I did put the time to good use, though.  I prayed.  I stopped short of getting down on my knees, but I did pray.

Because I was out of time.  There was no way I could try to recreate the blog I’d just written.  No time.  And frankly, I knew I wouldn’t remember all of it.  Which means you have to forget about ‘recreating’ and just start from scratch again.  No time and no desire to do that.  It was the last thing I wanted to do.

At that point I would have preferred to poke my own eye out.  Or go play in traffic.  So I prayed.  And cursed myself for not saving a copy of the post in ‘my documents’.

By then I was irrational.  Why would I have saved a copy in ‘my documents’?  I had no way of knowing this might happen.  I had no premonition.  Other than always approaching technology with a sinking feeling in my stomach.  I’m always on the alert for it to let me down.  Fail me.

Aren’t you?

In the end, thankfully, it worked out.  I waited a bit longer than five minutes.  Think it was eight or nine.  Prayed one, last time.  Hit ‘refresh’.  Held my breath.  Closed my eyes.  Clenched my teeth.  Crossed my legs.  Said a Hail Mary.

Success!  It published.

Not so fast, Weinstein.  Don’t count your chickens, lady.  Further investigation proved to be somewhat off-putting.  My post was NOT automatically published to my social media, as it always is.

(sigh).  (mutter).  (groan).  (swear).

Publish manually.  Again.  Again.  Again.  And again.

(sigh).  (mutter).  (groan).  (swear).  More loudly this time.

Check and re-check, almost maniacally, to make sure it posted on WordPress.  On Facebook.  On Twitter.  On LinkedIn.  Waiting anxiously for some stats to prove it had worked.  Because by then I was uncertain, even though I could see the posts.  I told you I was distrustful of technology.  I’ll probably never know what it was.  What caused it.  Whether or not it was a WordPress issue.  Whether or not it was a Rogers (my service provider) issue.

My inclination is to believe it was a Rogers issue.  There is ALWAYS a Rogers issue.  In fact, the other day we had no service whatsoever in my neighbourhood.  No phone service.  No cable.  No internet.  No wireless.  No nothing.  And when I left the house for the hospital, on time amazingly enough, there were three Rogers trucks parked on my street.

God help us!  I had no idea what would be waiting for me when I got home.

Do you blame me for distrusting technology?  For always being on the alert?  For always waiting for the other shoe to drop?


40 thoughts on “Day 247. Scary Moment

      • I love typewriters! Over the years Bruce has given me a painting of a typewriter and a photo of a typewriter that make me smile and wonder what was written on these machines. But I do not have an actual machine. I learned to type on a typewriter in 8th grade and used my mom’s college typewriters for fun as a kid, but starting in high school used computers for papers and stuff.

      • I’d love to see the painting and the photo. Sounds cool. Typewriters are certainly less stressful. Except in the old days when you had to change ribbons.

      • Once we get the dining room back in order (hopefully this weekend) I’ll snap a photo or two and maybe write a little post about my love of typewriters! thanks for the idea.

  1. It happened to me just yesterday. Well, I didn’t go deep enough to think that “the entire blog” was under maintenance and it might go to hell, so I wasn’t that scared. And, I have several experiences of maintenance before. Also, I have had the experience of having to re-write a post because of a reason that I don’t remember. Well, I think it was a “routine” check, since almost everyone got it. 😀

    • Sounds like we both experienced the same problem. Oh I’ve had to re-write copy many, many times throughout my career because of hard drive crashes, and the like. Never fun.

      • For me it’s not because of hard drive crashes. It’s just some problems with WP. And I don’t write much outside WP, so yeah. But it ain’t no fun, I agree!

  2. Technology, it can make you or break you! I approach tech with a certain hidden distrust becuase I wouldn’t want for it to sense my fear and really let me have it… I manually save my drafts when it’s a sudden inspiration post… May the WP gods protect our inspired posts ( because I know I can’t count on my memory either)… Read you soon, all the luck, Alexandra

    • I will be saving my posts to ‘my documents’ from now on. I akways auto save as I go but that might not have helped me yesterday. Thankfully it turned out not too badly. Thank you!

      • I’ve been blogging for a little less than two years and cannot get used to the emotional impact it can have on us, it is scary in a funny sort of way 🙂 we say we’re in control but sometimes it feels like we’re not… Never the less I take my imaginary hat off to you for your incredible effort and dedication in posting daily, been there and then life got in the way and now I post when I can and in the meanwhile I write snippets of posts on my iPad when inspiration makes its surprise appearance to later turn into real blog posts 🙂

      • Thanks. It has been both a challenge and a pleasure. I am glad I’m sticking with it. But I am not sure I’d make that kind of a commitment again. But I love writing so who knows? 🙂

  3. So happy to hear the post did not get lost in cyberland trash! It’s never a good time to watch your screen turn white and freeze. Been there with WP a few times and actually lost the content after saving repeatedly while composing. Finally learned my lesson and now compose the text portion of my posts in a Word document then copy it to the WP post editor. Another thing is I find it best to sign out of WP at the end of the day. I often compose my posts the day before I publish. If I don’t sign out and click the publish button the next morning I often get those error messages, white screen, etc.

  4. I believe its called keeping us on our toes Fransi. I keep a dictaphone handy, then write long hand, use word to save – I know, seems a lot of bother to go through for my offerings, guess we all have our own ways of feeling safe?

  5. For Fransi and Julie, continuing the above conversation on typewriters: I bought a manual typewriter in 1991 when I was living in Thailand. We had so many power cuts that I got sick of my writing being interrupted almost every day, my electric typewriter having to sit idle. I owned this manual typewriter until recently (but hadn’t used it since the 1990s), when I gave it to a friend who collects such things. Before I gave it to her, I did a painting of it, which I used in my blog a while ago and which you can see here:

    • My God, you are a wonderful artist. I love the painting. And I love the photo of you. You look 12 or 13 years old. Like your mom brought you to work. I remember party lines. My paternal grandmother had one. I used to love to go to her house so I could listen in on conversations. My own little Watergate moment 🙂

      • Thank you! I’m doing a series of “old gadgets”. The film camera is the second. I might paint a cassette player that was state of the art when my parents bought it in 1973.
        I was 17 in that picture and thought I was very grown up! My mother hated me leaving home so young. Looking at that picture now, I can understand why.

      • I love the old gadgets idea. Old fasiibed stero systems and turntables also come to mind. And actually even that rotary dial phone on the desk. To think we grew up with all that stuff. We’re bloody old!! 🙂

  6. Yes, the phone was terrifying when I first arrived. I couldn’t believe it. This small town, Waipukurau, was the last exchange in NZ to go automatic, which it did in 1980, not long after this pic was taken. I moved there from the cosmopolitan city of Auckland and had to get used to country life.
    By the way, I write my blogs on a Word doc first, too. That way, I can write snipets as things occur to me, and post when it seems appropriate.

    • I think I’m going to give it a try. Thanks. Australia and New Zealand are on my list of must-go places. Was once offered a transfer to New Zealand but I was in love and he didn’t want to move. In hindsight … 🙂

  7. WordPress acts squirrelly (ha!) in this way from time to time… usually in weeklong bouts or so, and at random, but frustrating intervals during that time. This has definitely been happening for the past few days with blogs loading incorrectly and very slowly, and I’m a bit behind on my reading because of it. I recall a few months ago when this was last occurring with frequency, that I too got that same message you did, only while trying to leave a comment on another blog. Scared me as well the first time I saw it!

    • Well, I am now writing my blog posts in Word, saving them and then cutting and pasting on WordPress. Which is a drag, but it beats the alternative. I hadn’t experienced it before. Now I know …

  8. Ahhh, technology … for some weird reason, I have for many years equated it with this: “There once was a girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead, AND WHEN SHE WAS GOOD, SHE WAS VERY, VERY GOOD AND WHEN SHE WAS BAD SHE WAS HORRID.”
    I’m glad your problem was resolved and know precisely the level of your discontent at the time!

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