Day 250. Past. Present.

What a great morning I had yesterday.  Despite the monsoon.  Yet another monsoon.  We sure have had bizarre weather this week.  Major downpours, hailstorms, reunionssnow, strong winds.  All at the same time.  Day after day.  Pretty damn disgusting!

Will this winter EVER end?

But I’m not here to give you a weather report.

Yesterday, I met up with a gal I worked with a million years ago.  In another life time.  For both of us.  And if she hadn’t seen my blog posted on Facebook; and, dare I say, liked it enough to become a regular reader, it probably wouldn’t have happened.

From the first time we met, we instantly hit it off.  I was at Ogilvy and she was interviewing for a job.  We had a very rigorous interviewing process there.  Prospective employees met with upwards of seven or eight people.  It was a system that worked very well.  Rarely, very rarely, was anyone hired who wasn’t a really good fit.

Anyway, as I recall, I was one of the umpteen people Jane was meeting.  And, like I said, we connected immediately.  It was as if we’d known each other  for years.  In the end, we worked a bit together, but not that much, or all the time.  But we’d get together often, in her office or mine, to talk about the world, what was right with it, what was wrong with it, what we were up to, the state of advertising, our love of brands, how our respective jobs were going, etc. etc. etc.  And on those few occasions when we did work together, it was always enjoyable.  And fun.

Then I left to go work for BBDO.  Life being what it is, Jane and I lost touch.  We saw each other at the odd reunion and, sadly, funeral, but that was it.

Until recently.  Until Jane started reading my blog.    She contacted me on Facebook.  We messaged back and forth a bit.  And finally decided to get together and have coffee; and a proper catch up.

Yesterday was the day.

Because I had a conference call late morning we decided to meet at a Starbucks near where I live.  So I could get home quickly.  Not knowing where Jane lives, when I awoke to yet another monsoon, I emailed to see if she wanted to re-schedule.  Happily she still wanted to meet.

It was like all the years since we’d last seen each other didn’t exist.  We simply took up where we’d left off.  With another one of our wonderful, we-want-to-fix-the-world conversations.  Neither one of us shut up for a minute.  Nothing had changed.  Except we are now both working on our own, and we’re both a few — several — okay, okay,  many years older.  A lot older!  Happy now?

Re-connecting is so cool.  Life is hectic and challenging and, as a result, takes people off in different directions.  It’s difficult to stay connected, no matter how hard we try.  So when serendipity gives you another chance, it is really important to grab it.  At least I think so.

Facebook has done it for me quite a lot, I’m happy to say.  I think it’s probably the biggest reason I stay there, because I must say, some days Mr. Zuckerberg and his buddies really piss me off.   And I’m so tempted to throw in the towel.

But something always holds me back.  And I think it’s the fact I meet up with so many people from my past.  People I really liked and admired.  People I’d love to meet up with again.  And although sometimes it’s tough to find time to actually take the online conversation to the next stage — actually seeing each other — I do try and make the effort.

So even though the weather was much more conducive to staying in bed yesterday, we both braved the elements and showed up.  It was great.  And hopefully it won’t be another eighteen years until we get together again.

8 thoughts on “Day 250. Past. Present.

    • It really was. Thanks. It has really been awful, awful here. I’d be grateful if it just stopped raining, I think.

  1. Facebook has helped me find old friends (especially from high school and college) that I’ve lost touch with due to moving to Toronto and now Texas. It made living in Texas much less lonely for the first few years. And it’s helped me to make new friends too. And it has enabled meetings, dinners, drinks and get togethers when I’m in the cities where my friends live.

    Speaking of meetings, hopefully next Thursday’s weather in Toronto will be much better so we don’t have to wade through slush, ice or hail to meet up!

  2. Fransi! It’s true – there was an instant connection! Always will be:)
    And we couldn’t stop talking-just like before:)
    It won’t be another 18 years before we see each other again….more like another 18 days!! Thank you for making the time to see me.
    You are what’s right with the world, Fransi.
    xx Jane

    • Wow! Don’t know about that, but thank you for thinking so. Was just great to spend time yakking again. Looking forward to the next time.

  3. How marvellous- I have had similar experiences recently, and with my newly gained confidence in myself have gained so much from re acquainting with people from my past…and realised that there are so many lovely people out there! I am so pleased for you and your renewed friendship! I intend to view the world with new eyes from now on!

    • Thank you! Yes, it is wonderful to renew old acquaintences. It is good you are enjoying it and looking forward to more.

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