Day 257. Real Heroes

I am going to be uncharacteristically brief in today’s post. There’s no need for me to go on and on. There’s just one point I want to make. I have to admit I love the bostonirony.

Yesterday morning I wrote about the extremes we go to, when it comes to celebrities. How we idolize them, put them on pedestals and treat them like heroes. Actually, we don’t just treat them like heroes. I think we believe they are heroes. Misguided as it is.

But little did I know, by last night, we’d be seeing real heroes in action. When teams representing local, state and federal law enforcement caught and captured Dzhokar Tsarmaev, one of the suspects believed to

have been responsible for the Boston bombings earlier in the week.

They didn’t know if, like his brother, he was wearing a suicide vest. They didn’t know if he was armed. They didn’t know if he had bombs or grenades. They had no idea what they were walking into, in other words. They just knew he had to be captured. Preferably alive.

Without causing more bloodshed. Without more civilian lives lost. Without more dead police officers.

And I have to admit, after they’d pulled it off, and the slow procession of fire trucks and police cars and ambulances and unmarked cars made its way through the streets of Watertown and I heard the applause, and the cheering, I felt myself tearing up. It was exactly the right thing to do. And it was the absolutely perfect time to do it.

Because they are heroes in the truest sense of the word.

Not because they’re drop dead gorgeous. Not because their films do well at the box office. Not because they can sink fifty foot putts. Not because their fastball is the fastest in the league.

No, they’re heroes, make that real heroes, because every time they leave the house, they put their lives on the line, in an effort to save ours. Every single time.

It’s just not right theirs is a thankless job.

So let’s all be sure to thank them every chance we get.

10 thoughts on “Day 257. Real Heroes

    • They did an amazing job. I still can’t believe how quickly this all happened and they got at least one of them alive.

    • When you think about it, it’s completely lopsided. Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian are mobbed everywhere they go and earn mega millions for what I don’t know. And budgets for law enforcement and fire fighters and EMS keep getting cut, putting them at even greater risk.

      • Ouch! You hit that stupid money spot! Why do we pay mega bucks for athletes that are barely literate? (I know there are a few that do really good things with their money and they aren’t illiterate but they seem to be rare.) Or celebrities? Why don’t we pay really smart people who research disease cures more? Teachers to work with the hardest kids? Law enforcement who risk their lives every day? Oops! I’m off on a tear now…..

      • Yeah, I know. It makes no sense. And there are a lot of celebrities from both the acting and sports world who do many, many good things with their money and their celebrity. But they still don’t deserve the HUGE amounts of money they get paid. They get paid for performance not good deeds. That’s where the injustice is. Compare their performance with that of the people you’ve mentioned, who do good deeds for a living and it just makes you scratch your head.

  1. It sure is an upside down world – sports people and film stars earning astronomical sums of money – media moguls and big commercial businesses have an awful lot to answer for, in my opinion.

  2. I think it’s a reflection of where our priorities go. Just the other day, there was an elderly lady who was hesitant to board a train because the gap was wide for her. Other people passed her and went ahead to board. I kind of sighed to myself and said in my head, “Really? Are you guys that oblivious, or do you just not care?” I helped her board the train, and then people turned around and realized, “Oh, she was having trouble getting on.” Yeah… it’d be nice if people would be more aware of their surroundings. People just get wrapped up in their own little worlds and get distracted by entertainment and luxury. They need to remember that we’re all here for each other.

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