Day 260. Good Morning

Read, in last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, about the troubles over at the Today Show.  Falling ratings, anchor problems, the very messy ouster of Ann Curry,roomservice etcetera etcetera etcetera.  Embarrassing as it is, I must confess I was only vaguely aware of it.

And only because it was mentioned on a show I was watching.  Maybe Bill Maher.  Honestly, I don’t remember.  I wasn’t really paying attention, because horror of all horrors, I don’t watch breakfast television.  Or whatever it’s called.

Morning TV??

Beats me.

I know a lot of folks who can’t start their day without it.  Not me.  Although I don’t know why.  I’m up early enough.  I certainly have time to watch it.  But I never have.  Never.

Except when I’m traveling.

When I’m out of town I have a morning ritual.  It’s the same every, single day.  No matter where in the world I am.  Before I go to bed the night before, I decide what I want for breakfast, which is usually the same thing.  Or a variation of the same thing.  Juice, scrambled eggs and ham.  Or Juice, eggs over easy and bacon.  Toast and coffee.  I’ve been doing it for years, whether I’m traveling on business or pleasure.

The card (room service breakfast menu) gets hung on my door.  Delivery time is also always the same.  Between 7:15 and 7:30 a.m.  My wake up call is always for 6:30.  I jump in the shower and then wrap myself up in one of those cozy terry cloth bathrobes.  At which point I turn on the TV, get back in bed and wait for my breakfast to arrive.

With every available pillow propped up behind me, I lounge, eat and watch.  It is my favourite thing to do.  They could call me and say George Clooney is waiting for me in the dining room, and I’d say “No thanks, I’ve already ordered room service.”  The last cup of coffee in the pot is reserved for when I read the local newspaper.  After whichever morning show I’m watching is finished.

Then, and only then, do I put my make up on and get dressed.

There’s no reason why I can’t do this at home.  But I don’t.  Nor do I ever have eggs for my breakfast at home.  Never.  Ever.  I either have cold cereal with fruit, oatmeal or fruit and yoghurt.  I don’t even make coffee.  That I used to do, but got tired of throwing out all but a cup or two.  I always made too much.  Most of my friends have those 1-cup thingamajigs now.  I keep saying I’m going to buy one, but as yet I haven’t.  Probably won’t.

Starbucks is so close by.  It’s almost easier to just go there.

Which makes absolutely no sense.  Not even to me.  How could it be easier to get dressed and go out, rather than wandering into the kitchen in my jammies, still bleary-eyed, and merely having to press a button.  Knowing by the time my teeth are brushed, the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee would be teasing my taste buds. Knowing I could be wrapping my hands around a nice, hot, steaming cup of my favourite brew in less time than it’s taken me to type this sentence.

See.  Of course it’s not easier.  And it’s certainly not quicker.  Or even as quick.

Of course I know it would be nice, in summer, to brew a cup and sit outside on my balcony, in my robe, enjoying the early morning quiet.  And conversely, on those bitter cold winter mornings, it would be equally nice to stay cuddled inside where it’s warm.

So why don’t I just buy the damn coffee gizmo and be done with it?

Because there’s something fundamentally wrong with me.  I’m flawed.  That’s why.

Everybody makes coffee at home first thing in the morning.  Isn’t that right?

26 thoughts on “Day 260. Good Morning

  1. I’ve always had “news hour” in the morning, as of late morning joe (delayed due to me watching on or I watch hardball from last night. I’ve always been a news junkie, less nowadays, but still like to hear the headlines of the day at length deliberately.

  2. I very much like to make my coffee first thing in the morning. But it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, I simply don’t want to get out of bed when my alarm goes off or Bazinga decides it’s time to wake ‘mommy’. (I’m not a morning person – yet I prefer to work the a.m. shift. Is that weird?)

    Those Keurig coffee things, while convenient, are a tad expensive for my pocket book with as much java I drink. I prefer my old-fashion percolator coffee pot anyway. 🙂

    My grandma always watched “Good Morning America” when I was in high school. Never could get into watching those morning news shows myself. Though I will admit I used to watch “Live! With Regis and Kelly” on my days off…not the same anymore with Regis gone.

    • I’m not a morning person either yet I’m up and at it early most days. Go figure. Yes, there is only one Regis, just like there was only one Johnny Carson. Nice to be irreplaceable.

  3. I’ve fallen out of the habit of eating breakfast. It’s odd, I used to be ravenous when I woke up, but now I’m just not hungry. It’s not a healthy way to go but – especially if I am up early – I just can’t stomach it. When I was working on the farm or in a zoo though I would manage some bacon and eggs but that was manual labour so I guess I needed it!

    • I know I’m going to sound like your mother, but I have to say this. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Have something light. A piece of toast. A piece of fruit. A yoghurt. A smoothy. It’s really important, health-wise. Sermon over 🙂

  4. What would be considered breakfast for us vampires? The meal I eat when I wake up in the evening, or the meal I eat when I get home from work in the morning? I’ve always puzzled over that….

    Coffee…. blech!! Soda for me, thanks! 🙂

  5. I don’t have a morning ritual… that’s probably why I wake up at odd hours of the day when I have no obligations for the day, haha. >.> Time for me to start a new routine!

  6. I don’t think you are flawed, I think the human interaction and embracing the dawn of the new day is part of your home ritual, there’s nothing more life affirming than actively engaging with positive people first thing in the morning, it’s like stepping out for hot croissants, it brings a small joy. Hey, they’re moments of happiness and doing the opposite breakfast routine when you are off on business is a treat, another joy! You should rename this post How I Create Great Moments of Happiness from Small Things in Life 🙂

    • Love the idea of creating great moments out of small things. I think there’s a ‘big’ idea in there. Merci …

  7. Your travel morning ritual sounds like a good enough reason to travel! I recommend a cafetiere for your coffee, you can make one cup at a time and even use your favourite Starbucks blend. It’s so much better than filter!

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