Day 264. Evolving Neighbourhood

Boy, I’ll tell ‘ya, you sure do have to pay attention.  Keep your eyes open.  Stay on top of things.  Or you miss something pretty significant.  Like I did.  Right in my Yorkvilleown backyard, too.  Helluva thing.

A friend recently sold her house.  Like me, she had a very short closing date; and, also like me, she rented a furnished apartment until what she wants becomes available.  Unlike mine turned out to be, her short-term rental is fabulous.  New, bright, clean.  The epitome of urban living.

It’s in Yorkville, but the eastern most part, bordering on Yonge Street.  Run down, ‘tired’ and in need of a face lift, in comparison to the tonier part of the neighbourhood, between Avenue Road and Bay Street. Continue reading