Day 271. Bang Bang

I really was going to leave this one alone. I have a lot of American friends and a lot of American readers and followers; and I don’t want to offend any of you. I know it’s a hot potato. But hotpotatothis story is still in the news. The NRA are in the midst of their annual convention, still refusing to budge on their stand against gun control.

It’s just all too much for me. I can’t keep quiet any more. Not without blowing a gasket. Not without having an aneurism. Not without my brains exploding out of the top of my head (and not because someone shot me).

So I’ve just gotta ask:

How can it ever be acceptable for anyone to buy a pint-sized REAL gun that shoots REAL bullets, for a child? How can it ever be acceptable for anyone to make a pint-sized REAL gun, that shoots REAL bullets for a child? How can it ever be acceptable for anyone to market and sell a pint-sized REAL gun, that shoots REAL bullets, for a child?

How can it ever be acceptable for a five year old to shoot, and KILL, his two year old sister, with a pint-sized REAL gun,

that shoots REAL bullets, his parents bought him as a gift?

Have the Americans lost their minds?

For how much longer are they going to sit back and watch the NRA buy and bully their way into the Senate? And for how much longer are they going to do nothing about it?

Can somebody please explain it to me.

Can somebody please explain how it is the MAJORITY of Americans WANT gun CONTROL and they are being ignored by the same men and women THEY elect. Those folks would NOT be in the senate, if not for their constituents.

Does this make any sense at all to you?

What’s it going to take?

Can somebody tell me?

Now I’ve gone this far, I might as well really go for it. I don’t think any private citizen should have the right to bear arms. I don’t care what the Second Amendment says. It was adopted in 1791. IT IS NO LONGER RELEVANT, people. And frankly, even if it was still relevant, it’s being misused. Abused. Every crazy with the money to buy guns, can get them.

Give me a break!

Quick now. Ya’ll better fasten your seat belts, ’cause here it comes:

As far as I’m concerned, unless you’re in law enforcement or the military, you should not get to own a flipping gun. Period. Nor do you need to go out and hunt animals for sport. Go dribble a basketball instead.

I’m fearful, you know. If this recent case in Kentucky and the Newtown tragedy haven’t been enough to bring everyone in the U.S. to their senses, I don’t think the gunfire in homes and malls and movie theatres and schools will ever end. It’s going to get worse and worse and worse. And more and more and more innocent, law-abiding citizens will be killed.

Do you see it stopping any time soon? Well, do you?

It’s going to take some drastic measures, I think.

Wanna hear my idea? Sorry, I’m going to tell you anyway.

I say, let’s round up all the members of the NRA and all the politicians and celebrities and Americans who agree with them, and herd of all of them into the woods. Every last one of them. Leave them out there, unarmed. And then the rest of us can arm ourselves with assault weapons and go out and hunt them down.

How do you think they’ll feel about guns then?

Hey, don’t blame me. They’re the ones who insist we all have the right to carry a gun. To defend ourselves.

Well, defend ourselves we must. Against them. And their irrational, asinine, dangerous and truly insane beliefs.

All together now. Ready. Aim. Fire.

22 thoughts on “Day 271. Bang Bang

  1. “How can it ever be acceptable for anyone to buy a pint-sized REAL gun that shoots REAL bullets, for a child? How can it ever be acceptable for anyone to make a pint-sized REAL gun, that shoots REAL bullets for a child? How can it ever be acceptable for anyone to market and sell a pint-sized REAL gun, that shoots REAL bullets, for a child?”

    It is _ALWAYS_ right _IF_ the child is _SUPERVISED_ 100% by a responsible adult. Period. My son had one of these, but never had it in his hands unless he was supervised by an adult. He is now a United States Marine.

    Thank you very much,


    • Sorry, I disagree. But I do appreciate your taking the time to read my blog and comment. Grateful your son is a marine. He us a brave and selfless man. But I’ll bet he would have served his country even if he hadn’t had a gun as a child. Millions do.

  2. You are preaching to the choir. Most of the folks I know don’t understand it either and we all live and vote in the US. It seems that the NRA has the power to get people voted out of elected positions even when the majority of their constituency favors controls. I don’t know why the NRA is against background checks. Perhaps they are worried that it will be done improperly. From my point of view, the NRA is single focused and not seeing the whole picture. I don’t even like parents who buy kids bb guns let alone real ones! They shouldn’t have guns until AFTER puberty. Too many little kids have killed other little kids. It’s fine to say it’s under supervision but kids have a way of getting into guns when no one’s looking. Some things are off limits for kids.

    • I just don’t think guns are necessary, period. Their purpose us to kill people (and animals). I don’t see why anyone needs to have a gun. I never will. And if the NRA has the power to over ride votes and get rid of politicians than there really needs to be a major over haul in the U.S. As bad as guns are, this is even worse.

  3. I’m an American and I agree with you. Guns should never be given to a child. As far as I’m concerned the NRA are a bunch of wingnuts, and don’t get me started on the Tea Partiers! 😦

    • Thanks. They are wingnuts. I’m with you on the you partiers, btw. Mat hatters tea party for sure 🙂

    • Which is what the NRA is all about. The money. I know that.

      But at some point surely a human life has to be worth more. Or so I would have thought.

  4. I agree that those parents were not smart, however, this is not a reflection on America. Many countries have gun issues. Americans fight for their right to protect themselves because this country is so large that law enforcement cannot always be there on time. Am I supposed to wait 15 minutes while an intruder is in my house for police to show up and protect my wife and 2 daughters? As a Veteran, the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! How can a country say I can hold a weapon to defend our borders and then when I get home take it away and say “well it isn’t safe for you.” Guns are bad in the hands of anyone that has no training and is not responsible. Taking this issue and spreading it over people that are responsible is a faulty arguement, but one you are entitled to. I for one will never give up my right to bear arms, if I was responsible enough to hold one for this country I am responsible enough to hold one for my family.

    • As you said, I am entitled to my opinion; and you are entitled to yours. But I will never agree with you. Canada may not be as big as the U.S. but it is mighty big. And we manage to live safely without owning guns. So does Britain, another very, very large country. I am grateful I live here.

  5. It’s madness and whilst it’s not perfect here I am so glad I live in England..I even think air rifles should be banned here…I was hit on the back once by a air gun…luckily I was wearing a leather jacket, but it hurt..and why would someone do that? A gun is too easy to use and therefore dangerous in most peoples my opinion. Good for you for speaking out.

    • Thank you. It is absolute madness. I am very grateful I live where I do, as well. Here, in Canada. I just have to say I don’t understand how they can keep burying hundreds of innocent men, women and children and do nothing to stop it.

  6. It’s a pervasive problem in the U.S., and I see no solution in my lifetime. I am one American who agrees with your viewpoint. And you’re right, the majority of my fellow citizens support gun control. A small faction (including myself) would like to see the second amendment abolished altogether. Ain’t gonna happen.

    To appreciate this backward thinking, one must understand the inner workings of American politics. The #1 priority of a typical politician is not to serve his constituency, it’s to get himself reelected. This works out well for the gun lobby, who pour tens of millions into reelection campaigns every year. In turn, their congressional representatives produce a few media soundbites about protecting individual freedoms guaranteed by the Founding Fathers, blah, blah, blah, and nothing ever gets done.

    In short, as long as politicians can be bought by powerful lobby groups, guns are here to stay. The issue of campaign finance reform surfaces now and then, but those who have the power to change the system are the ones who benefit from it, so there’s no incentive to change it. It’s a broken system that’s corrupt to the core.

    Check out The Distinguished Gentleman, a film starring Eddie Murphy about a conman who gets himself elected to the U.S. Congress. It’s a dark comedy that illustrates everything that’s wrong with American politics.

    • It is just so disillusioning. Our politicians aren’t perfect, by any means, but I have to tell you I am so grateful I live here. Growing up all I wanted to do was to live in the U.S. I always admired the we-can-do-it attitude, the pride you all take in being American, the entrepreneurial spirit, the loyalty to your country but now, more and more, I watch the news and shake my head. And thank God I live where I live.

      I have always believed yours was the greatest nation on earth, but I sure don’t anymore. Now I think you’ve got the greatest issues and problems on earth. It really upsets me. I’m praying for a miracle. I’m praying a leader emerges who can lead you all out of this path of self-destruction too many Americans seem hell-bent on dragging the rest of you down.

      In the meantime, while I’m waiting, I will go and see the movie.

    • Yes, exactly. Money really is the root of all evil, isn’t it? What a corrupt world we live in. Lots of good people, trying to do good, but there’s way too much bad.

  7. Fransi, I truly enjoy reading your posts. I love the little glimpses of Canada that you give us each day. As an American, I would never be offended by your opinion. I think it’s heartbreaking that these parents could have made such a foolhardy decision that cost them the life of their daughter and probably the mental health of their son. That being said, I am a gun owner. My gun is registered and I have taken the appropriate safety classes to know how to use it in a responsible way. From the other comments and your responses, I know you will never understand my need to own this weapon therefore I’m not going to try to explain. Let me just say, gun owners are not all crazy or careless or even Republican. Most are decent, hard-working people who want to have that added sense of security. Our constitution allows for this (at least for the foreseeable future). Thank you for your prayers for our country. We do need them, desperately. And if the day comes that citizens in our country can be adequately protected from the ill will of others, I’ll be glad to give up my weapon.

    • Glad to hear you enjoy my blog. And thank you for your comment. I know you put a lot of thought into it. Yes, you are right when you say I don’t understand anyone’s need to own a gun. You will find that same opinion is shared by most, if not all, of my fellow Canadians. For all the similarities between is, there is this one big fundamental difference. I am sure you are responsible and careful, as many of your fellow Americans are. It still makes no sense to me, but differences of opinions is what makes the world an interesting place. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

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