Day 288. Sheer Coincidence

I woke up yesterday morning to find an email in my inbox from a friend of mine who lives in Montreal.  I met her years and years and years and years ago, through aconnections mutual friend.  How I met our mutual friend, Jayne, is an interesting story in and of itself.

The first time I saw her, I was working at an ad agency.  It was my first job.  I heard her before I saw her.  She had this deep, throaty laugh.  Then I saw her.  Flaming red hair, arm loads of bracelets, necklace upon necklace wound around her neck, laying over and under an Hermes scarf, tied just so.  Puffing on a foul-smelling cigarette.  A Gitanes.  She was Canadian, but lived in Paris.

She had come to visit her brother-in-law, who was our production manager.  We never exchanged even one Continue reading