Day 293. Let’s Talk

No, this isn’t a story about Joan Rivers.  In fact, until this very moment, I hadn’t realized I’d stolen her line.  “Let’s talk”.  Didn’t she used to say that?  I don’t think conversationshe uses it anymore, so hopefully there’ll be no royalties involved.

I mean it in a totally different context anyway.

My version has to do with yesterday’s WordPress Daily Prompt:  The Next Big Thing.  The question for us to answer was, “What will the next must-have technological innovation be?”

Personally, I’d like to see us take a step back.

Don’t you miss sitting with a man, seeing his feelings for you revealed in his eyes?  Or seeing the look of delight on a friend’s face, when you regale her with the details of a recent date you had.  Or watching your parents’ eyes light up when you surprise them with a visit.

Don’t you miss hearing, and seeing, a reaction to what you’re saying, or doing.  Don’t you miss gestures?  Seeing smiles and even frowns.  Watching brows furrow in confusion.  The batting of eye lashes.  A downward glance.  A warm touch.  A sigh.  A giggle.  A big belly laugh.  A whisper.

Don’t you miss nods of agreement?  Shrugs.  Even the sound of fingers drumming on tabletops.

Yeah, that’s right.  I think it might be a great idea if the next must-have innovation was a return to the face-to-face conversation.

Enough already with only speaking in the short forms and symbols of text messages.  Enough already with quick emails dashed off as you get into an elevator or board a plane or wait for the traffic light to turn green.  Enough already with having to settle for whatever can be tweeted in 140 characters or less.

No one looks anyone in the eye any more.  We’re so used to communicating in short, clipped sentences when we do get together, we run out of things to say before we’ve ordered our drinks, or our meals, or our grande unsweetened, low fat, mocha frappuchinos.  For that matter, we’re losing our communication skills, period.  We’re forgetting how to interact with each other.  To read body language.  To listen.  To share space.  To read signals.

Hasn’t it hit you yet?  There are generations of kids who have no idea what I’m talking about.  For the most part they only communicate through Facebook and Twitter, emails and text messages.  Who knows if they’ll ever really be able to form complete sentences.

Intimacy is going to go the way of the Edsel if we’re not careful.

So let’s get together, before it’s too late.

16 thoughts on “Day 293. Let’s Talk

  1. I agree with everything you said. I love technology but when it comes to closeness and intimacy there is nothing that will ever come close to the experience of personal human contact and connection.

    • I like it too. And need and depend on it. But when you stand back, and observe, what you see is pretty scary. Because we have relationships with our devices. We are never without our phones and tablets. They have become our go-betweens. It’s quite something to watch. And I’m just as guilty as everyone else.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more! I love technology for the immediacy & efficiency of it but I am really starting to make an effort to move from email to phone on the business front (especially after strings that go 5+ emails) as it just seems to save so much time and allows for at least the voice part of the connection…especially if you can’t get the face time. And I find people appreciate it! Although we are now shocked when we get a human on the other end rather than voice mail…And with all my family living away, I couldn’t live without Skype…it’s not the same as being there but, as you said, at least you can connect in a visceral, personal way that is so sorely missing in the coldness of emails and texts.

    • What I hate most is voice mail; and I agree, when someone actually answers their phone I am so shocked it takes me a minute before I can say anything. What a sad commentary that is. Totally agree about Skype. At least you can see the person you are talking to, see them smile, etc. So mych better than just a phone call.

  3. I believe Joan Rivers used to say “Can we talk?”…which not many do nowadays.

    I doubt I will ever own a ‘smart phone’. I don’t NEED it. My basic run-of-the-mill flip style phone works fine; use it strictly for keeping in touch with Hubby when I’m out and about. Besides, I have my computer at home for my internet access anyway.

    Recently saw a photo with a caption saying something along the lines that the zombie apocalypse had already begun – and it showed a group of people walking along while texting!

    • Ahh, you’re right. So no royalty worries :). I do have an iPhone but make an effort to see friends and family and even clients for whom I can work remotely. Love the photo/caption. It’s true, what they said.

  4. I’m a big Joan Rivers fan. So, not to be nitpicky, but it’s “Can we talk?” And that’s always the signal for real heart to heart communication, no political correctness, no bs, but a real deal conversation. A lot of technology is used to cop out of being real and honest with people. Something to think about!

    • Yes, i was just set straight about the Joan Rivers expression by another follower. Thanks. I wasn’t sure, which is why I asked. I saw her a year or so ago. There’s a series that comes every year to Toronto called Interesting Lives. With one exception it’s always well known women who have done remarkable things or have had successful careers. She was one of the speakers that year. She was great. And you’re right about the real and honest conversations. Not many people willing to go there. It is something to think about. Thanks for your comment.

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