Day 301. Another World

Yesterday’s WordPress Daily Prompt, about getting lost in simple activities and what’s it’s like to be in “the zone“,  took me back a lot of years.  As soon as I read it, I was instantly transported back to Montreal, to the days I worked with waterthe Canadian fashion designer, Leo Chevalier.

He and his wife had a country house; and, not long after they bought it, they invited me to go for a weekend.  We had known each other for many years.  Long before I handled his advertising and P.R., and we’d become good friends.

It was a lovely house, in a valley, about an hour and a half from the city.  It wasn’t big, but it was extremely well designed.  While it was very cozy and well-appointed, it was not a luxurious country manor.  It was simple and comfortable.

The main floor was all open concept, with huge windows and an enormous fireplace in the centre of the room.  Upstairs there were three bedrooms and an absolutely fabulous bathroom with a huge soaking tub.  I’ve never seen a tub quite that deep before.  It literally took twenty minutes to fill.  There was a very large skylight right over it, and I loved to bathe in the tub at night and look at the moon and the stars.

If it hadn’t been the only bathroom in the place, I would have stayed in there for hours.

On this particular weekend, it was just the three of us who were there.  We arrived at around 5:00; and while Leo was puttering around the garden and bringing our luggage in, Monica (his wife) and I were getting dinner ready.  She’s a terrific cook and, as usual, we ate (and drank) very well.

I remember I volunteered to do the dishes.

Monica, who’d done most of the cooking, took her glass of wine, and a book, and went outside.  Leo cleared the table.  I started to rinse the dishes, before stacking them in the dishwasher.  Or at least that was my plan.

Honestly, I have no idea how much time passed.  All I remember is Leo shaking me.  Literally.  He had his hands on my arms and he was laughing, and shaking me.  He said he’d been trying to talk to me, but I didn’t answer.  He said I’d been standing at the sink, with my hands under the running water, literally transfixed.  Staring out the window, but not seeing anything.  Staring into space.  In a trance.  Completely zoned out.  Not moving a muscle.  Lost in my own thoughts.  Lost, period.  I was in another world.

Water does that to me.

Maybe because I’m a pisces.  I don’t know.  I love the sound of water.  It relaxes me.  Soothes me.  It’s like a tranquilizer.  If I’m agitated or upset or stressed, running water is all I need.  In my ideal world, I’d live right on a beach.  I adore the sound of the ocean.  The steady rhythm has a hypnotic effect on me.

Whoosh.  Whoosh.  Whoosh.  Whoosh.  For me, it’s the best medicine.

Then there’s the feel of the water.  I love that, as well.  It’s like having the silkiest satin glide up and down and around my naked body.    Cool water, warm water, hot water, I don’t care.  I can stand in the shower forever.   Turning this way and that, so I can feel the water everywhere.  I love the feel of water on my scalp.  I love , love, love having my hair washed.  I love the feel of water on my back and shoulders.  On my face.  On my hands and feet.  It mellows me right out.  It’s meditative.

Only problem is, I tend to lose track of time.  I get carried away to a place of nothingness.  Where it’s quiet, except for the sound of the water.  Where time is irrelevant.  Where nothing matters.  Where all the tension in my body disappears.  Where all the tight muscles soften to the point I don’t know I have muscles.  Bliss.  Pure bliss.

Yet it also rejuvenates me.

When I’m exhausted, a shower perks me right up.  It’s miraculous.  It’s like I’m a flower, that’s been too long in the sun, without any nourishment.  As soon as it’s watered, it comes back to life, standing at attention once more.  That’s me after a nice, long, hot shower.  Ready to go out and face the world again.

Even drinking water makes me feel good.  Ice cold water.  When I’m parched, and thirsty, it’s my beverage of choice.  Even when I’m not thirsty.  I drink about five or six glasses a day.

One of my favourites is cucumber water.  It’s so fresh and clean and refreshing.  Perfect for a hot day.

Now I’ve made myself thirsty.  And desperate for shower.  So I’m going to go now.  And remember.  If you ever need someone to wash the dishes, give me a call.  It’s the one household chore I really enjoy.

14 thoughts on “Day 301. Another World

  1. I have the same fixation with water (and I’m a Capricorn!). For 5 glorious years I had a beach house. It was an hour drive and all my cares would be lifted. I could actually feel the lightness when I drove over the bridge entering the town. I could also feel the weight coming back on the way out. With the extreme heat we have had the past few days, I was thinking a house near water would be wonderful — a beach, a river, at this point I would settle for a trickling ditch! As for drinking it, I’ll stick to margaritas!

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  3. My goodness…the same happens to me! i am also a Pisces… going through the car wash, with all the water hitting and dripping and then the suds…i could go round and round… Last summer we had the opportunity to take a family vacation to Cancun, we sailed to Isla Mujeres on a yacht, I recorded the sound of the ocean for a few minutes, I regularly listen to it with my eyes closed…the best!!!

  4. A beautiful story Fransi I am a Leo
    Cats aren’t supposed to enjoy water
    However I could stand in the shower forever as it transports me to a more relaxed world
    For that special time, erases the insanity…odd but I enjoy it more than the jetted tub

    • Thank you. Oh, I agree. I much prefer a shower, even to a jetted tub. It’s like standing under a waterfall. I love it.

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