Day 306. You’re Invited …

Loved yesterday’s WordPress Daily Prompt: “Plan the ultimate celebration for the person you’re closest to, and tell us about it. Where is it? Who’s there? What’s partyserved? What happens?

Quite a lot for me to think about. Not to mention a hell of a lot of planning and work.

After much deliberation, as it turns out, “the person I’m closest to” is myself. So I’m throwing a party for me. Reminds me of a Sex and the City episode when Carrie got fed up contributing to gift registries for all her friends.When they became engaged, or got married, or had kids, or bought homes, or were celebrating anniversaries.

So she decided to start a gift registry for herself. For no reason, other than to invite everyone she knew to contribute to her collection of Manolo Blahnik shoes. It’s a good idea. Maybe I’ll do that with my VISA bill. How do you think I’d do on Kickstarter? Isn’t that what crowd sourced funding is all about? Getting other

people (most of whom are total strangers) to pay for your own pet projects? The epitome of being self-absorbed.

How far removed is paying off one’s bills from a pet project?

Right. Not very. I’ll let you know how I do. I could put banks out of business, you know. Bet they’d start lowering their interest rates in a big, fat hurry, wouldn’t they? But I digress. I have a party to plan.

It’s established. I’m throwing myself a party. Guess I have to decide on the guest list now. The number of people coming will definitely have an impact on where my party is, and how much food and booze I’ll need. Or whether or not I can even afford this bash.

Well it goes without saying, I have to have my friends there. Old friends. New friends. Married friends. Single friends. Divorced friends.

That didn’t take long.

Challenge number one. Not all my friends live in the same city I live in. Hmmmm. I’ll deal with that later. First I have to decide who else I want there. Should I invite neighbours? Off the top I’d say “no”. But there are a couple I like. So maybe I’ll include them. I’m guaranteed to piss off the neighbours who aren’t invited, but what the hell. It’s my party, isn’t it?

The man in my life? Don’t have one at the moment. That was easy.

Former? Are you kidding? They’re in the past for a reason. Next …

Clients? Past and present. I do like a lot of them. But mixing business and pleasure can be problematic. Do I really need to see any of my clients when they’re loaded and acting silly? Or vice versa. Definitely no clients on the list. Life is challenging enough sometimes.

Family? Sure. Why not? But they’re living all over the place, too. Didn’t I say I’d deal with that later?

Are you all sitting there wondering when I’m going to get around to you? To all the friends I’ve been making right here, on WordPress? Well, I think it would be grand if you could come. Consider yourselves invited.

We seem to be at the point, now, where I can no longer ignore the issue of ‘geography’.

Who doesn’t love a good party? So I’m sure you’ll all want to come. But I can’t expect people to fly to Toronto and stay at hotels and rack up all those expenses just because I’m having a party, can I? No, I didn’t think so. I mean some of you live really far away. France. And India. The U.K. My WordPress map is pretty well covered. There’s lots of you all over the U.S. as well. And Canada. All over the world, I’m delighted to say.

In fact there are more of you who don’t live in Toronto, than those of you who do.

No, I am NOT stumped. I’m just thinking. Give me a minute.

Got it!!

This is going to be a virtual party. I will gather up everyone on my list who lives here. You do the same. Invite your friends as well. Mix up a batch or two or three or ten of your favourite cocktails. Load up on wine and beer. Pretzels and chips and dips. Cook up a storm if that’s your thing. Pigs in blankets. Mini meatballs. Cheese and crackers. Whatever you like.

Wear your prettiest frock. Your newest jeans. Your jammies, for all I care. Bring your favourite music.

Just be sure to show up. I’ll bet no one’s ever used Skype for a party before. Or google+.

What are you doing next weekend? Make sure to RSVP.

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