Day 308. No Thanks

How much time do you spend thinking about whether or not you’re “normal”?  I’ve never thought about it at all.  Until yesterday, when I read the WordPress Daily vanillaPrompt:  “Is being normal — whatever that means to you — a good thing, or a bad thing?  Neither?”

Before I could answer the question, I wanted to be sure I understood what “normal” really means.  So I looked it up:

Adjective:  Conforming to a standard, usual, typical or expected

Noun:  The usual, average or typical state or condition

Synonyms:   Regular, standard, ordinary, common, usual

I’ve gotta be honest with you.  The whole idea of ‘conforming’ gives me a rash.  It’s settling for something you don’t really believe in.  Just to fit in.  Or so people will like you.  Or accept you.  I can’t do that.

Plus, is being “ordinary” something you aspire to?  Or “usual”?  Or “average”?  Or “expected”?  I don’t find it particularly appealing.  It sounds like ‘settling’ to me.  Not making much of an effort.  Coasting.  Getting by.  Not breaking a sweat.  Exerting as little effort as possible.  Not stretching yourself.  Not challenging yourself.  Being mediocre.  Can’t do it.  I’m way too proud for that.  I’m way too ambitious for that.  Not corner office ambitious.  Being-the-best-I-can-possibly-be ambitious.  As a writer.  As a friend.  As a human being.  As an anything, for that matter.  Regardless of what it is.

Do you?  Come on, be honest.  Do you want to just be “okay“?

A little too vanilla, don’t you think.  Boring.  Bland.  Nondescript.  Eminently forgettable.  Unremarkable.  Beige.  Easy.

Nope.  Not for me.  For sure.  I’m not saying I have to set the world on fire.  I understand we all have our limitations.  We can’t all be great at everything.  We can’t even all be great at what we want to be great at.  At what we work hard to be great at.  But we can make the effort.  We can try.  We can push ourselves.

Because I can’t speak for you, but I sure don’t want to disappear into the wood work.  I’d like folks to know I’ve been here.  I’d like to make an impression.  Leave a mark.  Be noticed.  Be remembered.  For something.   Hell, I want to be proud of myself.

And, frankly, I want to have some fun.  Stir up some shit.  Raise the bar, at least a little.  Kick some butt.  Think big.  Dream big.  Aim high.  Strive for extraordinary.  I might not get there, but by God, I can try.

Make a difference.

Add some colour.  Some spice.  Some flavour.  Some heat.  Some variety.  Something new.  Something better.  Something UNusual.  UNcommon.  UNexpected.   Atypical.  Irregular.  

Definitely not average.

Pretty sure you’ve already figured it out.  Being normal’s not for me.

Nice place to visit maybe, but I don’t want to live there.

21 thoughts on “Day 308. No Thanks

      • It certainly would. It would probably be the end of all the award shows. We’d all be so accomplished, we’d all have to be given an award. We’d all be best actors and olympic gold medalists. There’d be no more semi-finalists.

        For years people have been saying “there’s no such thing as a perfect world”. Well, we could prove them wrong! 🙂

  1. I don’t know why but this made me think about people who have issues dealing with the unexpected . They follow and strive to keep a normal daily routine. If something even slightly out of “their ordinary” occurs, it is experienced as a disruption and causes them anxiety. I’ve known a few people like that. It’s kind of sad really because just like the rest of us, life throws “the normals” curve balls on a pretty regular basis. We gotta roll with it baby! I don’t believe there really is a normal. The world and all of us are changing constantly without our having to make a conscious effort. I think I really went off topic on this one! Guess I don’t have to worry about ever being tagged “normal”. Haha!

    • It’s not off topic. They hate the unexpected. Surprises. Curve balls, as you say. They take comfort in the expected, in the usual. I am the exact opposite. So are you, obviously. I love the curve balls. They test me in so many ways. And make me so much better and stronger. No, we don’t have to worry about being normal. Which is just fine with me. I don’t think it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

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