Day 309. True Grit

This is highly unusual.  It’s Monday night and I’m sitting here, writing tomorrow’s blog.  Don’t always write them in advance.  Of course if you’re reading this, it’sumbrellas already tomorrow.  Tuesday.  But for me, right now, it’s still tonight (last night for you, though).

Tuesday’s my day to volunteer.  I start at 8:00 a.m.  Which means if I want to write and post my blog at my usual time I have to get up very, very early.  Like 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. early.  Usually I don’t mind.  But I don’t want to do it this time.  I’m too tired.

I’ve been writing into the wee small hours lately.  Practically every night for a couple of weeks.  And by wee small hours I mean until 2:30 or even 3:00 a.m.  So I am definitely sleep deprived.  And it’s beginning to catch up with me.  Plus the weather’s really getting me down.

Making me very drowsy.  Dark and dismal and wet does not work for me.  Not at all.

We have had very few sunny days so far this summer.  And very few warm days.  I’m cold most of the time.  I’m wearing sweaters and even jackets.  And still I shiver.  The minute I wake up I have to close my windows and get back into bed for fifteen minutes, to warm up, before I take a shower.

In the middle of June?  


And all the rain!  I really don’t like rain.  We have had tons of rain in May and June.  Very unusual.  Today (Monday it rained all day.  It didn’t stop for a minute.  I hate that.  It totally saps my energy.  I knew all day today I wanted to write this story.  Did I do it?  No, of course not.  I procrastinated.  And procrastinated.  And procrastinated.  Why?  I was too lethargic.  Didn’t feel like doing anything.  Except curling up with a book.  And my cats.  Under a blanket.

Which, I am ashamed to say, I did.

For a while, at least.  Then I puttered around.  Read the newspaper.  Started, but never finished, a couple of projects.  A completely wasted day is what I had.  Thanks Mother Nature.  Thanks climate change.

Had to go out for dinner tonight, though.  A friend and I arranged it last week.  I have to admit, looking out my windows today, and hearing the endless rain coming down, beating against my windows, I was tempted to cancel.  But each time I thought of emailing her, something stopped me.  I thought, “Cancelling out on a friend because of weather is unacceptable Fransi Weinstein; and you know it!”

So I resisted the urge.

Ironically when she picked me up, she admitted she almost did the same thing.  But she resisted temptation, too.  Aren’t we wonderful??

There’s a nice little bistro in my neighbourhood.  It’s been around for years and years.  Great food, great atmosphere and great prices.  It’s a favourite of both of ours, so we decided to go there.  Believe it or not they were packed.  Solid.  We couldn’t get in until 8:30.  On a Monday night!  On a rainy Monday night!

Good for them.

Disappointing for us.

We then decided to go for curry.  There’s an Indian restaurant we both enjoy relatively close by.  They were closed.

She asked, “What do we do now”?  I think she was secretly hoping I’d say “Go home”.  Frankly I would have loved to.  But I had no food in my fridge.  So I suggested another restaurant, not that far from where we were.  I was pretty sure she’d like it.

Gone.  No longer in business.

Oh, come on now!!  Enough’s enough!!

By then we were both getting tense.  And the rain was coming down even harder.  I was determined to find us a restaurant.  If we’d gone out in this stinking weather, we were damn well going to stick to our original plan.  And eat out.  Damn it!!

Eventually we picked a place that was open and had room for us.  Bingo!  And there was an added bonus.  Underground parking.  We wouldn’t have to dash around in the now pouring rain.  No puddle-jumping.  No soaked shoes.  No umbrellas.


Food wasn’t bad.  Not great.  But not bad.  I couldn’t have cared less.  It was a restaurant.  We were dry.  Our clothes were dry.  Our shoes were dry.  We’d be home at a reasonable hour.

Plenty of time for me to write this and, hopefully, get a good night’s sleep.

As you can see, I pulled it off.  But I’ve gotta tell you, it wasn’t easy.  My bed was really calling to me when I opened my front door and stepped inside.  It looked so cozy and comfy.  So inviting.  My cats were curled up in exactly the same spots they were in, when I’d left.  Dozing peacefully.  Snoring lightly.  Probably thinking to themselves, “God we’re lucky we don’t have to go out in this shit!”.

You’re waiting to hear whether or not I succumbed.  I can tell.  Well, I did.  For about a half hour.  And then I dragged my sorry ass over to my computer.  And here I am.

Feeling holier than thou, I’ve got to tell you.

Know what?  I’m done.  Good to go.  I am off to bed.  Finally!!!  I cannot wait.  I know I’ll be out like a light the minute my head touches the pillow.  But I’ll sleep well, knowing I got it all done.  Including going out for dinner.  My conscience is clear.  Unlike the sky.  Speaking of which, it’s supposed to rain again tomorrow.  If it does, at least I’ll be indoors, at the hospital all day.  And no matter how drowsy I am, trust me, I will not be climbing up on a gurney for a nap.  Sleeping on the floor’s more comfortable.


Later …

14 thoughts on “Day 309. True Grit

  1. We had the same weather here yesterday. We got over an inch of rain. Today is nice but Thursday are torrential downpours again. It’s rarely been comfortable here. We had some stinking hot days (very few) and cold damp weather. Feels more like April. It doesn’t keep up the energy for doing things.

    • It’s awful pretty much everywhere. I think it’s about to pour. And I am about to start my shift at the hospital. Have a great day.

  2. Pouring down rain for 1/2 hour, hot boiling humid sun for 15 minutes, drizzle for 4 hours, sun. That’s pretty much what we get here and though not the same, the same annoying and strange June weather. Last year at this time we were almost in a drought and it was 100 degrees ! 🙂 CURRY YAY sorry the restaurant was closed.

    • Mother nature needs to change her medication, I think. She is very unstable. Yeah, I’m sorry the restaurant was closed too. They make great curry.

  3. Funny, the same thing happened to me and another friend when we tried to go get lunch together last week. We both almost wanted to cancel because of the rain, but we were determined to hang out after not being able to hang out for a long time. This Korean restaurant that we wanted to go to was closed because of problems related to the weather. By the time we actually found a restaurant, we were both drenched. Luckily, I had extra clothes in my bag to change into. I feel the same way you do about rain.

  4. Same weather here in CT re the rain and cooler temps. We got 5″ rain last Thurs-Fri. and rain again yesterday (Mon) and more coming today. Maybe this is the “new normal”. Hope you got a good night’s sleep.

    • I did, thanks. Dark, humid, drizzling here. Yuck!! Thankfully I’m busy at the hospital today. It’s keeping me awake.

  5. We’ve had stable weather here, fluctuating between 110 and 115 F… And also feeling drained from the errands we do have to go out and get done, like WORK and school… The city, during the weekend, seemed empty, no one left their airconditioned home, we went out to church and hurried back… Hope the weather in your town gets better 🙂 read you soon, Alexandra

    • It’s really miserable, isn’t it? Lovely yesterday but really cold last night. And now it’s raining again.

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